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Eye-Rolling Quotes from Bosses

Wong Shu Lee  


  December 03, 2020

As an employee, we usually take every word of our boss seriously. However, sometimes we might hear some quotes that we couldn’t help but roll our eyes. Today, we would like to share a compilation of weird sentences that bosses like to tell. 


#1 “Don’t tell me any bad news. I want good news only.” 


Imagine when you are in a code red situation and need immediate attention from your boss to rectify the problem, but he/she tell you “I want good news only.” 



Although this situation may frustrate you, it’s understandable that bosses wish to receive positive news only. It doesn’t mean that you need to sugarcoat the situation or to sweep the problem under the carpet, but you can change your way of reporting problems to your bosses. 


First, you should digest the problem and try to sketch out a few feasible solutions. Then, communicate with your bosses calmly and suggest your solutions. 


#2 “Let’s think of here as your playing field.”


Well, we all know that it’s impossible to play freely at work. But what bosses trying to do is to encourage their employees to be bold and creative in expressing their ideas. These bosses usually provide more flexibility and autonomy to their employees. 


#3 “Don’t think of yourself as a newbie although you just joined two weeks ago.” 



When I flashback to the moment I just started working, I can tell that there’s a huge difference between the old me and the current me. It also makes no sense if my work skills don’t improve after some years of working. 


However, it is important for a newbie to pick up skills as soon as possible to contribute more to the company. Besides, the hidden message behind this sentence is to remind a new employee to adapt faster and do not use “I’m still new” as an excuse for bad performance. We must always push ourselves to add more value to the business. 


Have you heard any funny quotes from your bosses before? Let’s share it with us! 


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