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Everything You Need To Know About MRT2: Putrajaya Line Phase 1

Wong Shu Lee  


  June 30, 2022

In conjunction with the official opening of Phase 1 of the MRT Putrajaya Line on 16 June, all public transportation services under RapidKL will be free of charge for a month. 

This means commuters taking the MRT, LRT, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), monorail, or RapidKL bus services will not have to pay fees. 


This is an excellent opportunity to explore places along with the newly launched stations with friends and family during weekends! 


Under the Phase 1, there are a total of 12 stations are Kwasa Damansara, Kampung Selamat, Sungai Buloh, Damansara Damai, Sri Damansara Barat, Sri Damansara Sentral, Sri Damansara Timur, Metro Prima, Kepong Baru, Jinjang, Sri Delima and Kampung Batu. 


All 12 stations are above ground and 8 of them offer Park n Ride facilities. In terms of interchanges, both Sungai Buloh and Sri Damansara Timur stations are connected to KTM Port Klang Line, while the Kampung Batu station is connected to KTM Seremban Line. 


Meanwhile, passengers from MRT Kajang Line can switch to MRT Putrajaya Line seamlessly with the same level platform at Kwasa Damansara station. The next interchange between MRT Kajang Line and Putrajaya Line is at Tun Razak Exchange (TRX), which also allows seamless transfers. 


Unlike the MRT Kajang Line which uses Siemens Inspiro train sets, the new Putrajaya Line uses Hyundai-Rotem train sets that come with a distinctive duck face design in red. The new MRT line will have a total of 49 driverless train sets consisting of four cars with a maximum capacity of 1,204 passengers per train. The trains have a maximum speed of 100km/h and they will operate with a frequency of 3.5 minutes during peak hours. 


Potters Garden at Damansara Damai



Gardening enthusiasts and those with a green thumb can now travel on the new line to visit several plant nurseries operating along Jalan Kuala Selangor. Potters Garden is a plant nursery that is a short drive from the Damansara Damai station.


JBR Bundle at Sri Damansara Barat



Those looking for a bargain can shop to their heart’s content as there is a thrift store that is a five minutes walk from the Sri Damansara Barat MRT station. JBR Bundle sells second-hand items such as clothes, shoes, and bags aside from bigger items like bicycles.


DimSum Breakfast at Restaurant Ful Lai at Sri Damansara Sentral



If you are craving dim sum, you can now enjoy plates of these freshly steamed little bites at Restaurant Ful Lai in Bandar Sri Menjalara, Kepong. The restaurant, which has been in business for more than 10 years, is an eight-minute feeder-bus ride away from the station. Open from 6.30 am to cater to the breakfast crowd, Ful Lai has a wide variety of dim sum.


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