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Environment-Friendly Packaging Ideas

Wong Shu Lee  


  January 15, 2022

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to an industry’s impact is packaging materials and accessories. To reduce the impact of business activities on the environment, many businesses are now improvising with new ways of packing and shipping their products, attempting to reduce the usage of plastics. 


From recyclable plastics to biodegradable containers, there is seemingly no end to the options available to the environmentally-conscious business. Here are a few materials you can consider:


Use Compostable Tape



It has always been hard to maintain plastic-free packaging when comes to sealing boxes and packages. To tackle this problem, the compostable tape is a great eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastic. Compostable tape works exactly like duct tape or plastic cellophane tape but is made from 90% renewable resources, which is not harmful to the environment. 


You can get this at Startachi’s website: Start Tape’in


Use Plant-based Mailers



Corn plastic is made from polylactic acid (PLA), which is a plastic substitute, made from fermented plant starch. It is becoming a popular alternative to traditional plastic, which is derived from petroleum-based chemicals. Corn-starch mailing bags are biodegradable, carbon-neutral, and edible. They are water-proof and durable like the plastic mailers but are super fantastic for the earth. They leave with nutrients filled soil. 


You can get this at Startachi’s website: Black Compostable Mailer


Use Paper Bubble Wrap



Whether you’re sending a parcel to your friend or your client, bubble wrap is your best buddy as it provides extra cushion and protection to your items. However, plastic bubble wrap is harmful to the environment. You can use paper honeycomb wrap as a great substitute for plastic bubble wrap as it is stretchable, thus can fit around irregular-shaped items. 


You can get this from any e-marketplace. 


Use Glass Jars to Replace Plastic Jars



Glass is non-toxic, free from potentially harmful chemicals, and generally not associated with a negative impact on your health. It is less porous than plastic and has a high resistance to leaching into your product even when contained for long periods. 


Although glasses are heavier, consumers generally perceive products packaged in the glass had a higher level of pleasantness than the same products stored in plastic. 


You can get various types of glass jars from Jargeous’ Website


Eco-friendly is becoming mainstream, and smart business owners throughout the country are making the change today to ensure they are ahead of the game tomorrow. 


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