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Don't Be An Easy Prey for Scammers

Wong Shu Lee  


  January 20, 2021


What would you do if someone calls you to inform you that you were being investigated for drug trafficking, criminal activity or money laundering? 


You shouldn’t be panic if you pay enough attention to the local news. Authorities like the police, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the courts will never call to inform individuals that they are being investigated and that there is a warrant of arrest waiting for them. If you’re being suspected to be involved in any criminal activities, the police will arrest you right away. Why would they inform you in advance if they have a warrant? It doesn’t make sense at all. 


However, a study carried out by the Telenor Group covering scam victims in Malaysia, India, Singapore and Thailand concluded that Malaysians are the most vulnerable to scams, especially internet scams. 


The study revealed that out of the 400 internet users aged 18-65+ interviewed, 9 out of 10 were aware of "internet scams"; 4 in10 were victims; 9 in 10 surveyed scam victims had lost money and 1 in 5 in Malaysia had fallen victim to internet scam auctions. 


This Monday, we’ve run a series of quizzes on our Instagram to check our audiences’ awareness of some popular scams. Below is the list of scams that we’ve shared on our Instagram: 



Although most of our followers can recognise those scams, some still fell into traps. So, we’ve prepared some tips for you to avoid becoming the next prey for scammers. 





Scammers and fraudsters will always exist in society regardless of the time and era. The convenience of today’s technology has enabled scammers to access your private details more easily. 


To avoid the unfortunate circumstances of financial loss and data breach, we must play our own part by having a higher sense of accountability and responsibility. In conclusion, we need to be more mindful of how we behave online and offline. 


When in doubts, don’t hesitate to ask Mr Google for more insights before you take any actions that are possible to lead to financial loss. 


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