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Celebrating Chinese New Year During MCO

Wong Shu Lee  


  February 09, 2021

Chinese New Year is around the corner. How do you usually celebrate Chinese New Year? Some would return to their hometown for a family reunion, some would travel abroad with their family, some would visit temples for prayers. 


This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many activities are restricted. In a statement last Sunday (Feb 7), Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that family reunion dinners for Chinese New Year are permitted. However, this would be limited to 15 family members living within a 10km radius and must not involve interstate or inter-district travel. 


This means those who are staying away from their hometown are unable to travel back home for this Chinese New Year. So, what are your plans for this Chinese New Year? We have done a survey among our colleagues about this topic. Let’s hear how they planned to celebrate their Chinese New Year. 


Watch Classics Chinese Movies


“Just like many people would rewatch Home Alone on every Christmas, the annual custom in my family is to rewatch All’s Well Ends Well during Chinese New Year,” shared Louis. 


“The movie series brought a lot of laughter and joy to us. Besides, we would also enjoy some pineapple tarts that gifted by our relatives.” 


Indulge in Chinese New Year Cookies


“Chinese New Year is the only time that I will leave my diet plan behind and indulge myself in the variety of cookies and snacks,” share Belinda. 


“My favourite cookies are the Malacca Nyonya’s Pineapple Tarts. Since I’m unable to travel back to Malacca, the Taiwanese Pineapple Biscuits have become my alternative fix.” 


Although the distance and lockdowns have prevented Belinda to get her favourite Pineapple Tarts, it never stopped her to show loves and send greetings to her families and relatives. “Through video calls, I’m still able to celebrate the festival together with my parents, siblings and relatives that are far apart from me. Besides, I still can send ang pow to them via e-wallet!” 


Fill the Air With Chinese New Year Songs


“I tried to create the Chinese New Year atmosphere at home by playing my favourite Chinese New Year songs,” shared Shu. 


Many Malaysians’ weekends’ activities associated with shopping malls. Therefore, we often notice the upcoming festivals based on music and songs played in shopping malls. Since we’re not encouraged to lepak at shopping malls due to the increasing clusters, why not recreate the ambience at home by playing Chinese New Year themed songs? 


Have A Simple Yet Warm Dinner


“We normally have a big family gathering with all the distant relatives and catch up with each other while having a buffet-themed dinner party. This year my family and I are probably just going to keep it to ourselves and have a simple dinner,” shared by Kai Lun. 


We wish everyone has a happy Chinese New Year with their love ones. Most importantly, let’s stay safe and healthy!


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