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Better Ways To Initiate Conversations During CNY

Wong Shu Lee  


  January 27, 2022

Last Chinese New Year, we shared some tips on how to respond to relatives’ awkward career questions without feeling awkward and embarrassed. However, we think it will be great if everyone can initiate meaningful conversations and create stronger bonds with relatives during CNY gatherings. 


Thus, today we are sharing some easy ways to initiate better conversations with others during this CNY. 


#1 Compliment His/Her Outfits


We all want to look stylish, cool and different, with these we also want people to notice and admire our dressing. So, one of the best icebreakers is to compliment one’s clothing. You can extend the conversation by asking where he/she got the item and further share shopping insights with each other. 


#2 Share TV Shows or Books Recommendations


Asking your relatives what tv shows or books they caught up to recently, or sharing yours, can be a good way to create more meaningful conversations. This is because tv shows and books carry important values, life lessons, and knowledge. Sharing the things that each of you has learned from tv shows and books can create stronger bonds among you and your relatives. 


#3 Ask Recommendations for Getaways or Trips


This conversation starter works like a charm because you’ll get the other party prattling on and on about when they’ve started traveling, what they have eaten, what activities they recommend, etc. After that, they’ll no doubt ask about your recommendations, and then you can share your experiences and spread the love around. 



Although these 3 topics sound simple, they can help you to initiate conversations without being offensive or give others a ‘kepoh’ impression. Once you and the other party feel comfortable sharing more, you can go with the flow to create more fun and in-depth conversations. 


Hope you have a sweet bonding time with your relatives this CNY! May the new year bring you new possibilities, new horizons, and new joys.


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