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Benefits of Cloud Kitchens

Wong Shu Lee  


  July 21, 2022

Amidst the pandemic, when the demand of food delivery services spiked, the awareness and acceptance towards cloud kitchen among F&B business owners had increased. 


Otherwise known as ghost, virtual, shared, or dark kitchens, a cloud kitchen is a restaurant with no physical storefront for customers to dine in. Virtual F&B brands using it rely solely on food deliveries via their own website, or through delivery apps like GrabFood, foodpanda, AirAsia food, Beep, etc.


Cloud kitchens give entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand an existing restaurant or start a business at low cost. This is because most cloud kitchens offer unified services that accommodate cooking space, refrigeration, marketing guidance, and partnerships with food delivery apps. 


Besides, starting an F&B business by utilizing cloud kitchen comes with some attractive benefits. 


Lower Risks & Startup Costs


With built in kitchen facilities and no dine-in spaces, ghost kitchens eliminate the pricey elements of a physical restaurant like renovations, decor, dinnerware, and wait staff. 


Entrepreneurs can get an online food business going by paying the onboarding fee and rental to the cloud kitchen, instead of bearing a usual startup cost of at least RM500K for a brick and mortar cafe. 


More Flexibilities


Cloud kitchens also give brands the space to experiment with concepts, fail, and adapt quickly. Being online, there’s flexibility to introduce new products, trial their market acceptance, and take them off the menu as instantly as they were introduced. Furthermore, flexible leases of virtual kitchens allow entrepreneurs lower commitments, compared to long-term rentals for a physical restaurant and the assembly required for it. 


Enjoy Infrastructures


Most cloud kitchens in Malaysia also come with back-end infrastructures like cloud inventory systems, delivery partners, along with social media and photography assistance. Thus, presenting fewer learning curves in managing POS (point of sales) systems and marketing.




Do you know? Our business partner, kEATchen is one of the cloud kitchens in Malaysia. Let’s check out the landing page to discover more stories about them! 


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