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Being A Remote Intern During A Pandemic



  February 06, 2021

Tackling internships has emerged as a new kind of challenge in this virtual era. 


It is not easy, and our hearts go out to anyone who has been affected in any way by the unsympathetic pandemic.


I, for one, am an intern.


Are remote internships the new internships? Is going virtual the only solution for us to adapt to the new norm?


My commute has been reduced to the time it takes for me to boot up my laptop; my meetings with colleagues have transformed into virtual meetings via Google Meet.


Agreeing to a remote internship position would also mean that I would inevitably miss out on a few opportunities and experiences.


But I knew. It’s either to take it virtual or completely forgo the placement.


And I chose the former. 


Simply because in my gut, I realised that I am a final year student in my last semester prior to finally completing my programme of study and graduating, consequently taking my first step into the corporate world.


Working remotely has made me understand that this is merely a stumbling block to my journey of self-discovery and exploration. 


What is this little barrier compared to the glass ceiling that women have been facing across the widespread workforce in the world? Is working remotely more significant of a problem in the face of people fighting for their basic human rights?


Nah, it’s not. In fact, at the moment I am enjoying working from home. 


Though sometimes along the way there are problems such as limited interaction with coworkers and difficulty in making social connections- and not to mention “Google Meet fatigue”, I am genuinely enjoying my internship. 


After all, there are perks in working from home too. Wouldn’t you agree?


Last but not least, before I forget,  I am the new Zom-In intern Kai Lun. And as I write this piece, this is my third week working from home.


Pardon my rather late introduction.


How are you holding up during our MCO 2.0?


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