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Be A Wise and Responsible Tenant

When you move to a new city to study or work, you highly likely will need to rent a house or room. Many people in rented accommodation encounter problems with the condition of their accommodation and in getting landlords to deal with repairs. 


This article highlights some common problems with renting and things we need to take note as a tenant. 


What Should You Check First


If you’re renting a house or a room for the first time, you may be unsure what are things that you will need to check first before signing the contract. 


Besides the cost and the convenience of the location, there are three major factors that you should look into before making any decision. 



Is the property located in a safe and secured area or building? Do you need to share the house with other tenants? Does your house or room have a solid lock? Is the building equipped with a surveillance system? 



Check if the property is infested with pests. Ask the landlord or agent what actions would they take if the property is infested with pests. 



Check if the property is having a defective drainage or sewerage systems, or an inadequate water supply. 


Keep in mind, the best time to resolve any issues about repairs and the condition of a property is before you sign the tenancy agreement. If work is required it's best to get your landlord's agreement to this in writing.


While it is important for us to protect our right as tenants, there are some responsibilities that we need to withhold to be an ethical tenant. 


Looking after your home by using it in a tenant-like way


Using your home in a tenant like way generally means doing minor repairs yourself, keeping your home reasonably clean, not causing any damage to the property and using any fixtures and fittings properly.


Having a duty of care to your visitors


You must do what you can to make sure that your visitors and their belongings are reasonably safe when in your home. This only applies if you invited or allowed the visitor into your home.


Safety in your home


Communicate with your landlord before you buy any electrical appliances. If you’re using gas or electric, make sure you use them safely and responsibly. 


Let’s be a wise and responsible tenant! 


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