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Be A Responsible Adult

Wong Shu Lee  


  December 02, 2020


Last week, a dead four-month-old baby was found in a bag outside a mosque in Sungai Way. Apparently, the young foreign couple—the parents of the baby—claimed they neither have a proper place to live in nor money to take the child to a hospital. 


We are not here to blame the young couple because we believe they would have provided their baby proper care if they could afford it. However, we would like to discuss a few ways to avoid such a saddening situation and hope that our readers don’t have to learn it the hard way. 


Prevention Is Better Than Cure


Raising a kid requires a lot of efforts, time, care and money. If you’re not ready to be a parent yet, it is best to use birth control in proper manners to avoid conceiving. This is the best way to eliminate all unpleasant situations. 


If you are not sure what is the best birth control method for you, below is a video that introduces common birth control methods. 



Please do not save money on birth control because pregnancy is far more expensive. 


Baby Hatches


First of all, please bear in mind that we are not encouraging anyone to abandon their child. However, if you are really in a dead-end and are unable to provide shelter to the child, please do not simply abandon the baby at unsafe places. 



There are over 10 KPJ Hospitals across different states that have set up Baby Hatch points allow mothers who gave birth to illegitimate babies and didn’t wish to keep them, to leave the newborns in a safe place. 


This Baby Hatch initiative is not encouraging people to abandon their offsprings but is aimed to reduce cases of baby dumping and saving the lives of innocent newborn babies. Instead of throwing these babies in trash bins or public sewage ponds, at least the hospitals can provide the newborns with a safe shelter. 


You may check out this article from MalayMail to understand more about the Baby Hatch initiative. 


Get Guidance From Professionals


Mothers can also seek advice and guidance from Orphan Care before making any decision. The NGO is determined to help confused, scared girls, young women and couples who are having a baby they are not prepared for. They provide information and practical support to help these people make the best choices given the circumstances. 


Babies are innocent. And in most cases, the action of abandoning child doesn’t only hurt the child but will leave scars in parents’ life too. Let’s be a responsible adult and act maturely to ensure no one is getting hurt. Therefore, please think about all the possible consequences before you have unprotected sex. 


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