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Be A Rational Fan

Wong Shu Lee  


  June 03, 2021

Stars are not stars without their fans. 


It is thanks to the fans, the loyal supporters, that somebody can become a well-known singer, or perhaps even an icon for their country. It is the fans that buy the albums, the fans that attend the concerts, and the fans that are partly responsible for spreading the word about their favorite artist. 


Nowadays, idols do not only perform their music on stage but they also show their talents and personalities through variety shows. Through variety shows, fans are given a different perspective of their favorite idol. Eventually, they fall in love with more than the music, more than the performer. 


Many fans have developed a strong attachment to their favorite idol, not only for their talent but for the people they present themselves as. This could be a problem if their behaviors reflect in a negative and irrational manner. 


Irrational actions that fans might do for their idols include: 

  • Being overprotective to the idols
  • Purchase every merchandise that related to their idols
  • Stalk their idols
  • Start or involve in fan wars


These actions are not only bad in general but also bring negative impacts on the idols and fans themselves. Below are some tips to help you stay positive and rational while being a fan of your favorite idols. 


#1 Understand that Idols Are Only Human


Yep, they are more talented and charming than people we met in real life. However, this doesn’t make them different from regular human beings. They have emotions just like us. They get hurt too! So the next time you post something harsh or anything on their social media or on the internet, please put yourself in their shoes. Think of how would they feel? How would you feel, if you were them? 


#2 Purchase Only Things That You Like and You Can Afford


Some fans will support their idols by blindly purchase all the merchandise related to their idols. It’s ok to support your idols, but you must ensure you have enough money to cover your daily needs. 


#3 Respect Your Idol’s Private Life


We Malaysians may not have a chance to stalk a K-Pop idol, but some may become obsessed with local influencers and started to stalk them. Please remember, stalking is a crime. Please respect your idol’s private life and ensure your idol can live a happy and normal life as normal people do. 


#4 Focus on Who You Like, Not Who You Dislike


If you like your idol, do not get into any fan war. When someone from another fandom leaves inappropriate or harassing comments for your idol, simply report it to the related platform. Besides, do not leave nasty and harsh comments on celebrities that you dislike. Our time in a day is limited, why waste it on people that you dislike? Let’s spend your time enjoying your favorite idol’s performances. 


#5 Support Charity Activities By Your Idol’s Fandom


Many fandoms will donate money or join volunteering works on behalf of their idols. For example, Malaysian ARMYs has donated over 200 sets of McDonald’s BTS meals to front-liners on 29th May. It’s very meaningful to turn your love towards your idols into actions that can bring positive vibes and impact to society. 


You become a fan because you’re proud of your idol. Let’s be a better person so that your idol can be proud of you too! Think of the efforts that they have made to perform the best show for you, make it a motivation for you to be more persistent and more diligent at work or in your study. 


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