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Back to School, Back to Creating Memories



  March 01, 2021

1st of March is the day for Malaysian students to gradually return to schools.


As a university/college student, do you still remember what it was like to wake up early in the morning to attend an 8am lecture? Or have you grown accustomed to waking up 5 minutes before your online classes?


Owing to the fact that not all higher education students will be able to return to their respective campuses- as only students with special needs for laboratories, equipment or research facilities are selectively allowed to resume studies on campus, regretfully, online classes might still remain to be the norm that will stick around for a while, at least until MCO blows over. 


That being said, it has been close to almost a year since the implementation of MCO in March 2020.


Can we all agree that none of us ever expected it to last this long?


Many of our proudest moments, our greatest achievements and our lasting memories are drawn from our university days. From meeting lifelong friends to walking across the stage at graduation, our shared story is shaped by our memories of what makes university life so momentous. 


Previously, traditional physical classes on campus allowed us to connect with each other and create memories together; now that we all practically wake up to stare at our laptop screens for hours on a regular basis, friends and classmates have been drifting apart.


We shared our fondest, funniest, most meaningful interactions and moments with each other during university time. In fact, some would even proudly call the time spent during one’s university days the golden days that were lived only once and unreturnable. 


Remember when groups of friends would ‘ajak’ each other to study for finals at McDonald’s?


Remember when we all still had the chance to sit at mamak stalls till late at night, only to talk about utter nonsense and ‘blow water’?


Remember when… well let’s not get too emotional reminiscing.


For now, all we can do is to play our parts in maintaining social distance and adhering to the SOP’s until it is once again safe for everyone to reunite on campus. 


University moments are truly historic and memorable. Create extraordinary memories by applying for your internship with us at Zom-In to gather an all-rounded, enjoyable experience for your limited time left in university. Make every remaining moment matter.


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