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Are you working like a dog?

Wong Shu Lee  


  August 05, 2021

Today is the Work Like a Dog Day. 


Work Like a Dog Day, which is celebrated on August 5, honors people who put in that extra bit of hard work. This quirky day is inspired by the reputed strong work ethic of canines, especially service dogs. 



You’ve probably heard the phrases “working like a dog” or “it’s a dog’s life” when someone is referring to working on a task without taking any breaks. The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night comes into my mind whenever I need to work extremely hard to hit a target. 


“Working like a dog” simply means going the extra mile and work extremely hard. The saying comes from farm dogs who work from the crack of dawn till the sun sets, and sled dogs and sheepdogs that perform grueling tasks every day. 


Either way, the quote is a reference to persevering canines. Sounds relatable? Then today is your day to celebrate! 


Whether it is school homework, house chores, office work, or personal projects, put your maximum effort into getting things done. 


Work Like a Dog Day isn’t just about personally pushing yourself to get work done, it is also about showcasing your determination and dedication for others to notice. There’s no point doing anything half-heartedly, so give it your best shot. 


The best part is that after you’ve “Worked like a dog,” you can also take a well-deserved long slumber because, after all, “It’s a dog’s life.”


Animals teach us so much, and working hard to attain your goals is a life lesson that you can’t go wrong with. 


We do admit that some people are luckier than others. However, if you are not those who often strike lucky, then you shouldn’t have reason to stop working hard. Your efforts may not guarantee the same amount of returns, but just keep in mind you will not get anything if you’re not putting in effort at all. 


The traditions for Work Like A Dog Day are to go the extra mile at work, be as productive as possible, and celebrate those who do this throughout the year! Hard work is never going to go to waste. The key is to work hard and achieve maximum output without exhausting yourself or straight-up burning out. 


Let’s work like a dog! 


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