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Are you ready to vote in this GE15?

Wong Shu Lee  


  November 17, 2022

GE15 is around the corner. To encourage everyone to vote, Nov 18 and 19 have been declared as public holidays, and there would be no toll charges over the two days for travelers in private vehicles. 


This time, more youths will be involved in voting as the introduction of UNDI18 in 2019 automatically registered over 5.8 million new voters nationwide. Prior to this, the minimum voting requirement in our country is 21 years old. As our youths are more politically aware now than before, the minimum voting requirement has been lowered to 18 years old to give the younger generation more opportunities and spaces to design the country’s democracy through elections. 


Since Malaysia’s independence, leaders have taken a major role in shaping the economy as shown in the control of different prime ministers. They’re the chosen individuals that decide the path the nation walks towards, enacting and supervising the laws that its people abide by and setting policies that could ultimately decide the growth of the economy. 


Choosing and voting for the right candidate that you believe wouldn’t be influenced by their personal agenda and working towards the betterment of the country is crucial, not just for yourself, but everyone living in Malaysia.


The ability to have a say in who runs the government is a human right, but many of us lack the political education to participate in the next general election and aren’t confident that we’re making the right choice. 


However, this is not a reason for us to refrain ourselves from voting. In fact, voting in itself is the first step towards establishing your political presence in the country and determining the future of your country. 


Voting allows you to nominate a candidate you believe would make a difference in the country. Thus, don’t undervalue your vote. We should take this opportunity to understand our country’s parliamentary monarchy and get ourselves familiar with the information about the election. 


As GE15 is coming soon, let’s prepare and inform ourselves about the existing parties in Malaysia, candidates in our voting state, and the economy during the leadership of past prime ministers. Each one of us is a part of the country, every vote matters. 


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