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Are You Ready to Head Back to University?

Wong Shu Lee  


  November 30, 2021

In September, the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) has announced that university and college campuses would reopen in stages from October 15 for fully vaccinated students and staff. 


Some institutions have reopened since October, and some have decided to reopen in early 2022. By March 2022, most students will be back on their campuses. 


After studying from home for more than a year, we wonder whether students would prefer remote learning or traditional learning. Thus, we have collected some thoughts from the young people. 


MT, 20, 3rd-year student in Music


Due to the nature of my course, it’s inconvenient to study from home. Luckily, our college has reopened since October. It is a huge relief for me to go back to the college because I am able to utilize the facilities on the campus for my practice. The downside is that I need to endure the traffic jam while commuting back and forth between home and college. 


Adrian, 20, 1st-year student in Chinese Studies


I prefer to study from home because I don’t need to worry about the accommodation. I am more focused on my study when I am at home. 


Ling, 23, fresh graduate from Accounting & Finance


I am fine with online classes, however, I still miss the life on campus. At school, I can hang out with friends after classes. 


Shyuan, 23, fresh graduate from Interior Design


I prefer to attend traditional classes because I am more focused in the classroom. On campus, I am able to ask lecturers questions face-to-face too. Besides, I think it’s more efficient to conduct our group assignments with friends at school. 


Qing, 20, 3rd-year student in Accounting & Finance


I like to study on campus but I prefer to have my examinations from home. I felt more relaxed while having exams at home. Therefore, I achieved better results during the MCO. 


How about you? Do you prefer online classes or traditional classes? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section! 


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