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Are You A Procrastinator?

Are you a procrastinator? 


A procrastinator is a person who unnecessarily postpones decisions or actions. Procrastinators can procrastinate in every area of their life, and some people procrastinate in certain domains but not in others. For example, one person might be a procrastinator when it comes to academia, while someone else might be a procrastinator when it comes to their health.


Almost every person procrastinates at some point. 


Every once in a while we come across a task we rather not do. It could be something as simple as cleaning up our desk or ordering a birthday present or as complex as writing a paper for class or finish cleaning out the garage. When it comes to daunting, boring, or important tasks we have all procrastinated by doing something else.


September 6 is Fight Procrastination Day. It is an unofficial holiday that encourages people to take charge of their procrastination problem and to find ways to combat the never-ending urge to put off important tasks for another day.


Procrastination does not always have disastrous consequences. Most people who procrastinate tend to finish the task at hand at the last moment. Some psychologists believe that sometimes procrastination can be a sign of a perfectionist personality.


Sometimes however procrastination can become a problem. Studies have shown that habitual procrastination increases stress and anxiety, reduces productivity, and can have a negative impact on a person's job performance. 


Thus, if you find yourself to be a habitual procrastinator, here are some ways you can fight the impulse to put things off on Fight Procrastination Day:


  • Get to your to-do list now and start crossing off tasks.
  • Learn ways to fight your procrastinating tendencies. Perhaps ask a friend to monitor your progress?
  • Reward yourself for tasks completed on time.


In a nutshell, it’s ok to procrastinate once in a while, just remember don’t let this habit affect your health, job, and other important aspects of life. 


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