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8 Weeks Into My Remote Internship by Kai Lun



  March 17, 2021

1 week into my internship as a content writer working at Zom-In with different departments and people, I was told these:


“We practice transparency”


“You will only be an intern to us for a week”


Being relatively new at this, in other words, a rookie, I genuinely (naively) thought that the intern experience would be exactly what I learnt in classes at school- which were just mainly on applying theories onto real-life issues.


As time progressed, I had the opportunity to work with almost all the departments to curate content for the Zom-In user base. There were a considerably huge amount of gray areas to me, simply because at that time I wasn't sure if I should go beyond what I have learnt and venture into a whole new infinite space in other departments, or to play it safe by sticking with what I have familiarized myself with.


8 weeks into my internship, I dare say that there is still a lot for me to learn- especially in terms of understanding teamwork spirit and the immense possibilities that people can create through working in tandem with one another.


Behind each piece of accomplished work, there are everlasting discussions, communication, amendments and finalization. It wouldn’t have been entirely possible to do each part independently without the assistance of one another.


Ultimately resulting from the inability to escape the fate of working from home (for now), it is all the more reason for us to maintain active communication among one another in order to bolster our teamwork. From asking for a team opinion to brainstorming the endless exchange of ideas and updating daily progress, could it be that little by little, we have all grown attached to Google Meet and WhatsApp?


If your curious self hasn’t already read our #MyInternshipStory, go to SpiceIn and check out the stories of some of our Zom-In staff.


We will be releasing a brand new series featuring all our staff. Mark your calendars for when we announce the release date and stay tuned for more to come!

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