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5 Top Reasons People Leaving Their Jobs

Wong Shu Lee  


  October 26, 2022

Job resignations have been trending upward for more than a decade. Since the spring of 2021, however, employees globally have been resigning at an alarmingly higher rate than ever before. 


A recent work trend report by Microsoft revealed that 41% of employees globally are considering leaving their current jobs within the next year. This trend is likely to continue as employees place a higher value on health, happiness, and well-being. 


Below are the 5 most common reasons why people nowadays are actively leaving their jobs: 


Career Advancement


Obtaining a higher-level job or leadership role can often be accomplished more quickly by changing companies. This is why many employees have leaned on “job hopping” to advance their skillsets, opportunities, and salaries rather than waiting for it to happen with their current employer. 


Poor Work Culture


A hostile work environment can make anyone want a new job. And with more job openings now than ever, the temptation to ditch a job with a poor work culture is strong. If employers want to boost employee retention, culture is one of the first things to examine. 


These are common symptoms of poor work culture:


  • There’s high employee turnover
  • Confusion and dysfunction are constants
  • There are one or several toxic managers


Career Change


By reconsidering career goals and passion, some employees find that they’ve gone off-track or that their interests have changed. This has prompted many to change careers entirely in pursuit of a higher salary, greater flexibility, relocation, or other reasons. 


Company Downturn 


Many have hit the job search because their companies faced a sudden dip in sales or other negative events, causing the future to look bleak. In these cases, it’s better to start looking for a new job soon. You don’t want to wait until the ship has “sunk” and you’re out of a job with no plan. 


Family or Personal Circumstances


Gaps in employment often point to personal reasons for leaving a job on an application. Maybe your spouse is in the military and needs to relocate. Or maybe a parent requires caretaking, and a more flexible schedule is needed. Family or personal circumstances play a big role in the jobs we choose to take or keep. During interview questions for a new role, don’t feel pressured to share personal information. However, if you feel comfortable discussing why you left your job, keep the explanation simple and direct.


Some other examples of circumstances:


  • To spend more time with children
  • To invest more time in a passion project, initiative, or mission
  • For health or recovery reasons


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