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5 Perfect Getaway Ideas for Long Weekends

There are so many long weekends at year-end! Starting from the Malaysia Day holiday this Friday, we have Deepavali next month and Christmas in December. Are you ready to fill these long weekends with some relaxing short vacations without needing to travel far to enjoy them? 


Genting Highland and Bentong



The opening of Genting SkyWorlds outdoor theme park makes Genting Highland the perfect short getaway destination whether you’re with family, friends, or your lover. 


You can visit the nearby attractions such as the spring water in Bentong and French Village in Berjaya Hills for food and sightseeing and even do your Christmas shopping at the Genting Premium Outlet! 


Taman Negara



If there's any grand geographical feature of Malaysia that should be appreciated more, it would be our national parks. Whether it's trekking or taking a trip on the boat, the park gives you the sensible freedom to discover the ins and outs of our national treasure that is Taman Negara. Isn’t this the best escape for you to bond with your friends and family without the distraction of your gadgets? 


Tasik Kenyir



Tasik Kenyir is by far Southeast Asia'sbiggest man-made lake. Though it is artificial, this lake is nature's rich reservoir and is encapsulated by the stillness of the surrounding majestic rainforest. Since it was reserved as an eco-tourism destination, you can find plenty of chalets and boathouses to enjoy the charm of Kenyir beyond just a day. 





While many of you might know Kuala Selangor for its firefly sanctuary, this is another attraction that most travelers may miss when going through the checklist. The sky mirror is essentially a surface reflection caused by the low tide located on Kuala Selangor beach. 


There's a catch: it's only accessible twice a month, during the full moon and new moon. In between, the tide submerges the sand bar below sea level and you'll have to wait a few weeks to get a cool reflective picture. 


Pulau Rawa



Tucked away off of Mersing shores in the South China Sea, this pristine nature's little paradise corner is dubbed as the Maldives of Johor. Compared to the rest of the gorgeous islands Malaysia has to offer, Pulau Rawa certainly takes the cake when it comes to offering its visitors the best of mother nature without the crowd and modern developments. 


Here are just a few destinations if you don’t have any ideas of where to spend your long weekends. There are still many attractive places in Malaysia that are waiting for you to explore! Let’s enjoy your Cuti-cuti Malaysia! 


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