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5 Old But Gold 2000's Songs



  March 15, 2021

Spiked heads, halter crop tops, spiky chains, bracelets and eyeliners, LOTS of heavy eyeliners- were pretty much the brief overview of the past first decade of the 21st century.


For many of us, the freedom in the expression of music back in the 2000’s paved the way for our mature existence today. Growing up listening to music from the era itself, be it the addictive pseudo-punk rock, scandalous pop, contemporary R&B, or the then soaring trend of Kpop in the industry, in different yet similar ways we were sensually shaped by these legendary representations.


We attempted to imitate how our idols looked. We wore sneakers- Converse and Vans. We attempted to pull off heavy eyeliners and undercut hairstyles our idols had. We sang along at the top of our lungs in our parents’ cars whenever a song we knew hit the radio station.


You might’ve grown up now, but that doesn’t mean that the impression of these 2000’s music in you ever really left. Deep down somewhere buried away is still the angsty you who used to blast your favourite songs in your walkman , fantasizing all about growing up and pretending to relate on a whole different level to what you used to listen to.


In this article, we have 5 songs from the 2000’s that everybody probably knew (or at least heard of):


Daniel Powter: ‘Bad Day’ (2005)


Anybody who has ever watched Alvin and the chipmunks would surely know of the parodied version of this song. The symbolic chipmunk-y voice in the parodies, paired with the captivating movie plot made the movie and the song a pretty big hit back then. In those days, this track was played in about every 5 minutes (which I am not exaggerating) walking in a shopping mall; some die-hard fans even made the cover into phone ringtones to pretty much listen to it on a 24-hour basis… 


Taylor Swift: ‘Love Story’ (2008)


The pure bliss and devastation of youth are fully reflected from one of her most iconic breakthrough songs- ‘Love Story’. With a sprinkle of magic and curiosity, paired with a soothing angelic singing tone, this song was- and is a hit around the globe, especially a mainstream song used across romantic occasions such as wedding  proposals- for the hopeless romantics who believe in fairy tale-like love stories that is...


Lady Gaga: ‘Poker Face’ (2008)


Let’s (poker) face it. Lady Gaga was the star that shone brilliantly even among other stars. In the 2000’s. This hit defined and reflected her style in music as both an art freak and a talented unconventional music genius. Her raw talent for music, apart from being an exceptional pianist and artist (when she claimed that she wrote her other latter bop ‘Born This Way’ in a mere 10 minutes) is pretty much as raw as her eye dropping beef dress...


Wonder Girls: ‘Nobody’ (2008)


“I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You”


Making it to the list, we have a Kpop track which I believe is one of the first ever Kpop songs heard across radio stations by many, long before today’s popular BlackPink, Twice or (G)-I-dle loved by many. With Kpop slowly starting to gain prominence, the track unexpectedly became a phenomenon when an English version of it became the first Kpop song that appeared on the Hot 100 list. They probably were the one who paved the way for their hard working Hoobae’s today. 


Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean: ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ (2006)


‘Hips Don’t Lie’- a Latin pop incorporating hip rocking, belly dancing, rapping, rhythmic percussion sessions and of course the delightful melody, made it an outstanding dance song with a great selection of drumplays and rhythms. The lyrics might’ve come off as being (to a certain extent) sexist? demeaning? But the catchy chorus definitely made the track a joy to listen to in short bursts- justifying it being chosen as the closing song for the FIFA World Cup in 2006.


Share with us what you used to listen to in those days. Comment away!


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