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5 Life Lessons Learnt From Spy x Family

Wong Shu Lee  


  July 23, 2022

Have you watched Spy x Family? It has been a highlight for Q2 2022. 


For frequent anime-watchers, it’s impossible to not know about this adorable series, seeing as it’s been on the top 10 shows on Netflix since the first episode aired. Not to mention, many marketers have featured the pink-haired Anya in marketing campaigns. 


For those who haven’t watched this anime yet, Spy x Family follows the story of an unlikely trio who are forced to play the role of a family while hiding their secret identities. There is Loid, an undercover spy on a mission, Yor, an assassin, and Anya, a telepath. 


Today, we are here to uncover some lessons from Spy x Family that we can apply to real life. 


You never know what a person is truly thinking


As you learn from watching the episodes of Spy x Family, especially from the perspective of Anya who can read minds, you never know what someone is really thinking.


Often times Anya hears the thoughts of Loid, her adopted father, and is either shocked by what she hears him really thinking, or pleased by what he’s thinking.


Even Anya at times thinks certain things but doesn’t say it out loud, to the confusion of her parents when her actions become sporadic, random, or her mood suddenly changes (from their perspective).


People have a side to them they don’t want you to see


Loid Forger is a spy in the adapted anime series. The nature of his work means he can’t reveal his real identity. This is part of the comedy when Anya hears his thoughts relating to this.


The same is true for Yor, the mother, who is secretly an assassin. She doesn’t even let her own brother know the truth despite the fact her brother is also hiding something from Yor.


This is a consistent theme in Spy x Famly, and it relates strongly to life and the real world. 


People are good at hiding their insecurities


Damian is one good example. He was so used to sticking out his chest because of the rich family he’s from, and so used to projecting his insecurities outwards with bravado that it shocked him to the core when Anya didn’t give a shit.


That’s when his insecurities became more obvious and were on display. The default for most people is to hide their insecurities from others and pretend they “have it all together”.


It’s not healthy in reality.


A loving family is what every child needs


Anya is an orphan with no family. When the idea of being a part of and having a family came into the picture, Anya lost her mind. And throughout the anime, you can see the impact it has on her as a person.


This aspect is what makes Spy x Family so wholesome, and it’s what puts the “family” part of the name into the anime itself.


The difference between a child who comes from a loving family vs not is drastic.


Kids are very sensitive to their parents’ feelings


When you watch Spy x Family you’ll notice how Anya is reactive to her parents' moods, feelings, and emotions from time to time. It goes beyond the fact she can read their minds and hear their thoughts. 


In the real world, it’s just as impactful. That’s why what a parent does and says around or to a child can make or break their upbringing, mindset, and morals.


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