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5 Awesome Indie Games in Malaysia

Wong Shu Lee  


  January 08, 2022

An indie game is a game that is developed independently and usually without a publisher and is done by a small team. Do you know that in Malaysia, there are several indie game developers whose work is not inferior to games that have large development and marketing budgets? 


Some of these indie games may sound foreign to your ears, because games with this genre rarely get attention, especially from the marketing aspect. This weekend, let’s check out these awesome games by our countrymen! 


Postknight 2



Postknight 2 is an RPG-like adventure game developed by Kurechii. It is the second game in the Postknight series, acting as a sequel to the first one. It entered early access in March 2021. It had been officially released in December 2021.


Seven years have passed since the events of the first game. The player returns as a new Postknight, traversing the world of Kurestal to deliver knight mail and fight off monsters and antagonists in the way. 


Both Postknight and Postknight 2 are available for free on Google Playstore and Apple App Store. 


Zombie Soup



Zombie Soup is developed by AeonSparx Interactive, a studio that started working in the game industry in 2013. This game is very unique because it presents a top-down action shooter genre reminiscent of Hotline Miami. 


In Zombie Soup, players will play as a boy named Ricky who goes on an adventure to save a girl. Without realizing it, it turns out that the location where the girl is being held is filled with terrible monsters and zombies. So to be able to save the girl, Ricky had to shoot all the monsters and zombies.


Zombie Soup is currently still in the development stage and is planned to be released within this year on PC via Steam. For those of you who are interested in trying the demo version, you can visit the official page HERE


Fires At Midnight




Fires At Midnight is an interactive narrative game with point and click elements set in 1999. In the game, a mysterious virus called ‘The Love Bug’ has caused mass panic across the country. 


Players will play as Yun, an up-and-coming photographer, struggling to maintain his life and relationship with his live-in girlfriend, Chitra. At the same time, players will also get to experience events from Chitra’s perspective. 


Fires At Midnight runs on the Windows system and it is available on Steam at RM28. 

Rhythm Doctor



If you like the rhythm genre, maybe you can take a look at this indie game from Malaysia called Rhythm Doctor which was developed by the 7th Beat Games. This game is very interesting because it has a different concept and mechanism from the usual rhythm game. 


In this game, the player will become a doctor who heals patients by defibrillation of their heartbeats. Players also have to learn the heart rate of each patient which has its uniqueness. Players’ ultimate task is to destroy the virus boss who tries to sabotage the rhythm of the defibrillation as it progresses so that the pump can run properly to the rhythm and calm the soul. 


Rhythm Doctor runs on the Windows system and it is available on Steam at RM33.


Dying Flame



Developed by RoundTable Games Studio, Dying Flame is a narrative-based game designed to leave the player plunged in darkness while solving puzzles to not only escape the twisted mansion but also uncover the full story of addiction, guilt, and marital loss. 


Players will play as the protagonist named James, who awakens in a strange mansion. His only possessions are a lighter and a handful of cigarettes. By solving the puzzles, players will slowly uncover James’ story. 


Dying Flame runs on the Windows system and it is available on Steam at RM23.50. 



That’s the list of the best indie games from Malaysia. If you’re out of ideas on how to spend your weekends at home, come on and explore these games together with us! 


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