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4 Tips to Make Fast Food Healthier!



  April 05, 2021

Putting our broad array of local delicacies aside, Malaysia is probably the spawning ground for many fast food restaurant chains- which is precisely why it is extremely difficult for us to maintain a healthy diet. 


Popularity of Fast Food


McDonalds, KFC, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr, Burger King… are practically everywhere. 


Fast food is typically an ongoing timebomb filled with calories, sodium and unhealthy fats- we all know that. But it is also nearly impossible to completely skip out on those golden crunchy fried chicken pieces and juicy burgers.


Because fast food is… well, fast. Convenient. Tasty.


Plus not everyone has the luxury of having a MasterChef level grandma at home to cook us home-cooked meals. Realistically speaking, we are (almost) always on the run or simply too lazy to cook. That’s why we often resort to swinging through the drive-thru or hopping into our favourite fast-food restaurants for one (or maybe many) quick yet satisfying meal.


Healthier Fast Food


Fast food menus are tricky when it comes to matching your diet to fit a healthier lifestyle. Resisting the temptation of fast food in exchange for swapping to an alternative of finding a healthy and well-balanced meal in most fast-food restaurants is a real challenge. But there are always tweaks that you can make in your orders to make your unhealthy fast food healthier. Below are some tips and recommendations that can help you stay on your right track of diet (if you insist on eating fast food that is):


Be Aware of Portion Size. Your plain-o meal from your favourite fast-food restaurant delivers more than enough food for several meals in the guise of a single serving. Meaning that: You don’t actually need to upsize your meal for a larger serving of fries and drinks for that one or two extra ringgit. Go for the smallest serving size and consider the children’s menu when you absolutely want to have a cheat meal!


Order Grilled/Roasted Lean Meat. Did you know? Breaded and deep-fried menus make your already big enough calorie-bomb-meal even deadlier by ruining the original nutritional values of the ingredients? Go for skinless lean meat like chicken breast, turkey lean ham or lean roast beef instead of the usual double-fried crispy chicken fillet!


Be Mindful of Your Dressings/Condiments. Adding a few pieces of lettuce and tomato slices onto your sandwich doesn't make it healthier when you smother a whole bunch of high-fat dressing/ condiments to complement your meal. Fat-packed/oil-based dressings like mayonnaise, sour cream and cheddar cheese sauce are in fact- a diet minefield. Try holding your sauces!


Hit Pass on Those French Fries. This could be a problematic one for a lot of people: because what sane person can truly resist the temptation of french fries? Dip them in ketchup, chilli sauce, Sundae cone, whatever your preference is; french fries are extremely versatile, but they are also another calorie-bomb with up to 300-400 calories per serving. If you’re really craving some fries, go for the smallest size. At least you won’t feel as guilty.


The Bottom Line


You don’t have to avoid fast food entirely. Eating moderately and occasionally is fine, provided that you practice a healthy and balanced lifestyle with the right amount of exercise and a sufficiently nutritional diet.


Or if you’re someone who is planning on leaning towards a healthier diet, start by reducing fast food intake and portion per serving. Go for healthier alternatives that are equally, if not more delicious than these food landmines. Most importantly, stop telling yourself that your diet starts tomorrow! New month, new you! Start TODAY and NOW!


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