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4 Reasons Why We Should Learn Chinese Language

Wong Shu Lee  


  April 20, 2022

UN Chinese Language Day is observed annually on April 20. The event was established by the UN Department of Public Information in 2010, seeking to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity as well as to promote equal use of all six of its official working languages throughout the organization. April 20 was chosen as the date to pay tribute to Cangjie, a mythical figure who is presumed to have invented Chinese characters about 5,000 years ago.


Are you a Chinese speaker? In conjunction with the UN Chinese Language Day, we would like to share all the reasons why you should study the Chinese language. 


It’s the Most Spoken Language! 


Yes, this is the first and the most important reason why you should study Mandarin. If you’re going to learn another language, why not make it the language that’s the most spoken in the world? More than 1.2 billion people speak Chinese.


Not only is Chinese spoken in China, but it’s also spoken in Malaysia and Singapore. Chinese-speaking people live worldwide, and if you’re a professional, it’s more than likely that one of your clients, suppliers, or colleagues will speak Mandarin. 


It Looks Good on Your CV


Chinese language skills are scarce in some companies, even for companies that do a lot of business. With Mandarin being needed in business, knowing the language will make you an attractive employee.


If you know Mandarin, the company you’re applying for will see you as a valuable person. After you’re hired, why not suggest holding some sessions with your co-workers to help them learn the Mandarin language too. Everyone can benefit from learning even the basics.


Learning Chinese Helps Personal Growth


The Chinese culture is amongst the most eye-opening and intricately woven cultures in the world. It has many customs, traditions, and language characters to learn. When you learn Mandarin, not only do you learn the language, but you learn the Chinese way of life too. It may be surprising to you how different life can be. These experiences and language skills will deepen your personal growth. 


Brain Exercise


Did you know that learning Chinese utilizes areas of the brain that other languages do not? Studies have been done on this, which means learning Chinese takes intensive brainpower.


English speakers use the left temporal lobe. Mandarin speakers use both! In addition to using both sides of your temporal lobe, bilingual or even multilingual people are better at prioritizing and multitasking than monolingual people. 


After knowing all these benefits, are you tempted to learn this language? If yes, let’s start easy by watching learning materials on YouTube! 


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