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3 Meaningful Ways to Spend Earth Hour

Wong Shu Lee  


  March 26, 2022

On every 26th March, 8:30 pm (local time), people around the globe will switch off their lights to join the Earth Hour. However,  Earth Hour is more than just an hour for Earth - it's a movement for our own futures, for the benefit of people and the planet. 


If you’re not sure how to spend your light-off hour this evening, here are some meaningful ways to make it an impactful evening to remember: 


Reconnect with nature


Nature doesn’t only provide us with clean air, water, and food - nature is essential for our health and happiness! So, let’s spend the Hour outside with friends and family. Here are a few things you can do:


  • Explore your nearby parks, beaches, or other natural spaces.
  • Go on a night hike
  • Have young ones? Go camping or stargazing! 


To ensure your safety when outdoors at night, don’t go out alone. Do remember to bring a flashlight, phone, and let others know where you are going beforehand.


Cook up a meal with your family or friends


Candle-lit dinners aren’t just for Valentine's Day! Dine in the dark this Earth Hour and cook up some planet-friendly dishes. 


  • Be inspired by some sustainable recipes you can find online. 
  • Challenge yourself to cook up a meal where nothing gets wasted or get creative with leftovers. 
  • Make it a time challenge and see who can create the best dish within 60 minutes. 


Please ensure you are following local COVID-19 guidelines if you are meeting friends or family outside your home.


Spend time with your loved ones


Consider staying in and using the Hour to spend some quality time with those who matter most to you. This is a fantastic opportunity to create special memories and be close to the people you’re trying to shape a brighter future for. You can: 


  • Watch a movie together! Bonus points for movies set in nature or nature documentaries. 
  • Call a friend or family member you haven’t met in-person for a while. See how they're doing and invite them to spend the Hour with you virtually. 
  • Play board games, cook, listen to music, sing karaoke, or dance the night away together.


For more ideas and knowledge, check out the official site of Earth Hour to learn more! 


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