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3 Great Websites to Shop Your CNY Gifts

Wong Shu Lee  


  January 22, 2022

The Lunar New Year in 2022 falls on the first of February. Since most Malaysians above 18 years old had already taken the Covid-19 vaccines, many people have started planning to visit their family and friends during this Chinese New Year to celebrate the festival together. 


In this article, we will introduce some fun and novel CNY gift options that you can present to your family and friends while visiting them, or simply order and send to them if you’re not ready to visit them yet. 


CNY Gift Boxes by Kintry



There is no better gift than the gift of delicious snacks! 


This Lunar New Year, Kintry is offering gift boxes that consist of all 7 types of snacks that they are producing, with different sizes and merchandise, prices ranging from RM43.99 to RM149.99. 


All these gift boxes come with a beautifully designed sleeve, a personalizable greeting card, Red packets, an additional pack of mystery nuts, shredded decorative paper, and an outer box to protect the box while in transit. 


Kintry’s snacks are great gifting options for people who are more health-conscious or particular with what they eat. Besides using premium natural ingredients, Kintry’s snacks are made in a clean commercial kitchen and they are Mesti and Halal certified by JAKIM. Besides, Kintry is a vegetarian-friendly company too as they do not handle any meat products in their factory. 


Check out more at Kintry CNY Gift Box


Kantin Lab Limited Edition CNY Giftpack



If your friends or family love potato chips (honestly, who doesn't love chips?) and are great fans of Malaysian flavors, the Kantin Lab’s CNY Limited Edition Giftpack will be your best gifting choice. 


This cute gift box is priced at RM33.88 but is currently reduced to RM25.88. It consists of 4 packets of 40g chips, which include 3 flavors, namely Salted Egg, Sambal Pedas, Spicy Mala, and 1 random flavor. Every box also comes with a cute CNY greeting card that has the same design as the gift box itself. 


Check out more at Kantin Lab’s CNY Limited Edition Giftpack


Shop For More CNY Food & Snacks on Kravve.co



If you are looking for more varieties, let’s have a look at Kravve.co CNY Collection that features various types of CNY cookies, precooked food for reunion dinner, desserts, drinks, and gift boxes. With so many available choices on the website, you’ll definitely find something that is suitable for your friends and family! 


Check out more at Kravve.co CNY Food & Snacks



In the year of Tiger, we wish you great success in your work and career. Let’s visit https://www.zom-in.com/opportunity.php if you are seeking a career move in this roaring year! 


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