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2021 Recapped

Wong Shu Lee  


  December 29, 2021

2021 is another roller coaster year for many people. The Covid-19 is still here, and there were many other challenges that we faced this year. However, there were good things that happened too! 


This year, there are 49 companies that have onboarded with ZOM-IN (year-to-date), which sum up to a total of 122 companies on our platform. These companies have generously created 153 new career opportunities, including internships, contract jobs, and permanent roles. 



We would like to thank all the companies for providing opportunities to our users. A special thank you to TopNotch HR Consulting Firm, which has posted 90 jobs on our website in 2021. 


Due to its consistency and prompt response, TopNotch has received much love from our users too. Out of the 835 job applications we received this year, 80 users have applied for WorkForce Management by TopNotch. 



Besides TopNotch, Zus Coffee also received lots of love from our users. Users spent an average of 1m44s on browsing their landing page



Our editorial team has produced 139 articles in the year 2021. These articles covered many topics such as career tips, latest news, life hacks, cultural celebrations, and more. The most popular article among these 139 is “What Do You Think About Migrant Workers?” published on 29th June 2021. 



2021 has been a fruitful year for team ZOM-IN, and we couldn’t make it without the supports and participation from our users and business partners. 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our users and business partners. We are anticipated to meet everyone again in the upcoming 2022, providing you with a better user experience with all the upcoming new features and updates. 


See you again in 2022! 


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