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2021 Chap Goh Mei- To Change or Not to Change?



  February 26, 2021

Are ancient traditions and rituals subject to modernisation? 


In the Hokkien dialect, “Chap Goh Mei” simply refers to the 15th night of the Chinese New Year celebration.


This day marks the closing of the year’s festive season whereby devotees celebrate the spirit of love and belief through a matchmaking event to seek out their potential lovebirds or “jodoh”.


One feature exclusive to the Malaysian Chinese culture that sets it apart from the traditional Mainland Lantern Festival is that in Malaysia, the ritual itself involves the action of single unmarried people leaving their names and contact numbers on Mandarin oranges to be tossed into flowing rivers or lakes.


Mandarin oranges tossed would hopefully be picked up by a potential or even destined significant other.


But is this signature activity really wise and practical?


Mandarin oranges tossed in the ritual typically go to waste. Rivers and lakes will also be littered and possibly flooded.


Is there no other 21st-century alternative?


There is. The solution is to simply use social media. 


People who are keen on finding their love interest can make use of their social media accounts to post pictures of themselves with Mandarin oranges.


The initial idea was that the ritual was only practised in the era where mobile phones or the Internet did not exist. 


But it is very much possible now to take advantage of the advancement of technology.


You can show off your OOTD while attaching a desirable picture of yourself when you look the best, at the same time celebrate the tradition; not to mention you probably won’t be able to set foot outside the crowd this year anyway. *Hashtag Chor 15* *Hashtag OOTD* *Hashtag MCO*


Is this killing two birds with one stone or altering and modernising the original intention of the tradition?


Well, it all depends on your perspective.



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