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15 Random Facts About Me by Kai Lun



  March 23, 2021

This is kind of a window to non-writer me.


With the previous three intern stories published, I’ve decided to write this fourth piece featuring some personal facts about my life, simply because I feel that joining Zom-In as a content writer intern was a loooong loooooong time ago. People (interns) change. They (interns) mature by learning.


Since a lot happened in the past 8 weeks of my internship (both professionally and personally), I wanted to let you learn a little about me. As a person. Living a non-dysfunctional life. There’s more than just a writer here. 


To kick off the second half of my internship journey, here are some random, silly, weird facts about me. 


  1. MY. FAVORITE. DOG. BREED. SHIBA. INU. Ok chill. Apart from the memes circulating the internet, originating from our beloved doge and cheems, the thing I like about Shiba Inu’s is that they are stubborn. A trait that is quite similar to me maybe?


  1. I love watching Spongebob Squarepants. Cause I can relate to being Squidward. On a personal level. Most of the time. With lots of Spongebobs and Patricks around me :(


  1. I eat very little meat, thanks to my childhood experience of having bad ugly teeth. Every time I tried to take a big bite into that juicy chicken thigh, I got meat stuck in between my teeth. Can you feel me?


  1. I eat very little vegetables as well… for no particular reason. I’m pretty much just a picky eater.


  1. So what do I eat? Trash food. I have a passion for eating sour cream flavoured and ridge cut potato chips. And this may come as a shock to you, but contrary to popular opinion, I dislike McDonald’s barbeque sauce. I eat my nuggets with them sweet and sour sauce.


  1. I underwent quite an intense, somewhat successful diet from all the trash binge eating. Tips you ask? The usual of what people out there say: exercise and diets.


  1. I lost about 20kgs during our MCO. My family members asked me on a video call during Chinese New Year if I was starving to the point of having no food to eat, or liposuction. Lol.


  1. I experienced a lot of accidents when I was younger, like I was some sort of accident magnet?  Pretty much a crimson red liquid-filled childhood. Fractured my arm. Cut open my forehead. Fell off of bicycles...Ouch.


  1. … and then there’s the social awkwardness. I won't talk to you unless you talk to me first. But I think I should be quite friendly after warming up to you, if you’re semi-decent that is.


  1. Coffee makes no difference to me. I still get sleepy after drinking this supposed energy drink/ insomnia bringer.


  1. Sweet or savoury? Sweet. Cakes. Chocolates. But with age slowly catching up, I generally don't really eat a lot of sweets anymore. (Proof that the 90’s kids are getting older too.)


  1. I do black. Lots of blacks. Bottle. Laptop. Clothes. A wardrobe of blacks. It’s not that I don’t have other colours… It’s a matter of being devoted and committed. Yeah.


  1. I have a poor sense of direction. Telling me to drive around in my kampung, you will likely find me losing all sense of direction and end up using GPS… But I do enjoy driving though. That’s two facts.


  1. When I was young, like the typical asian I was (or am), I wanted to be a doctor, lawyer… If anyone were to ask me what happened to me? My answer is: I don’t know. I wish I do though.


  1. And finally, my writing speed is super inconsistent. Sometimes it’s like a burst of inspiration and other times you will find me sitting on the same spot brainstorming for an idea for a long time.


And that brings you to today's me: Kai Lun the Zom-In content writer intern. There you have it. 15 random facts about me. Your turn now. Tell me something about you in the comments!


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