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10 Not-So-General English Slang Words You Should Know!

Wong Shu Lee  


  April 20, 2021

If you were to look at the comment section underneath a YouTube video, you will most likely come across some words, phrases or abbreviations that just look plain weird.


Communications that occur on the Internet can be distinctively different from talking in person or in emails. English on the internet is casual, personal and oftentimes, informal- which involves heavy usage of slangs.


Here’s a list of 20 Internet slangs you may have seen online. Take this opportunity to cross-check your knowledge on the modern world Internetz language!


10 Essential English Slang Words: Acronyms & Abbreviations


There are multiple types of slang terms in the online community. Some of which include letter homophones, onomatopoeia, jargons and the stars of the day- acronyms and abbreviations. Here goes:


  1. GLHF

As a gaming acronym, this one translates to “Good Luck Have Fun”. It is most commonly used at the beginning of a game to establish a feeling of sportsmanship.


  1. ROFL

This slang came about as the product of word-coinage when LOL became too mainstream. It is short for “Rolling On The Ground Of Laughter”.


  1. SMH

Another popular slang word used commonly across some social media platforms, this one means “Shaking My Head” and is used to express disapproval.


  1. FTW

FTW stands for “For The Win” and is commonly used to create an effect of positivity and optimism during a challenging situation.


  1. AMA

Short for “Ask Me Anything”, this one was made popular on the sharing community Reddit.


  1. TL;DR

“Too Long; Didn’t Read”' is used to point out that the comment or material is too long for the reader to have read. It has now become a way of summarizing something, for example, a long article’s abstract summed up with just TL;DR: this article is about Internet slang words.


  1. NSFW

This one is used to express a sign of warning preceding a link that contains things that are not OK to look at in the middle of work. It is short for “Not Safe For Work”.


  1. 121

An acronym used in online chat rooms or group messaging, 121 means “One To One”- a request to initiate or continue the conversation outside of the bigger group.


  1. RT

Originated from Twitter, this is one of the application’s functions to “Retweet” something another person said, agree with it, or add on to said ‘original’ tweet by sharing it with your own followers.


  1. GAJ

Typically used by adults and teenagers, this one is the abbreviation for “Get A Job”!


Online communication is constantly changing and English slang words are no exception. This simple list with 10 Internet slang words is merely a peek into what today’s online communication is like. Learn these 10 words and you’ll be one step closer to understanding English speakers/texters online. Remember that it’s easy to look up anything you don’t understand!


P/S: DYK you can GAJ here at Zom-In? Lotsa opportunities waiting for you!


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