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#MyVaccinationExperience - Accompanying Mother for Vaccination

Wong Shu Lee  


  June 22, 2021

I’m still on the queueing list for National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme, however, I had accompanied my mum to get her first injection of Sinovac Vaccine last week. Both my mum and I agree that it was a pleasant experience. 


My mum was very nervous because she had not gotten an appointment though she is over 60 years old. Therefore, I wrote an inquiry through MySejahtera Helpdesk. Within a week, the appointment was fixed. 


I applied for annual leave to bring my mum to the assigned location for vaccination. Upon arrival, a friendly front-desk staff directed us to the check-in process. After filing up consent forms, my mum’s name was called, so we entered the consulting room. 


The doctor was very patient explaining to us the risks and possible side effects, as well as the benefit of getting the vaccine. My mum also brought along the medications that she is taking on a daily basis for the doctor’s reference. 


The vaccination process was quick and according to my mum, it hurt only a little, as would any kind of other injections. After which, we stayed at the clinic for about 20 minutes to monitor adverse side effects. We were also guided on how to update the MySejahtera app after the vaccination. 


We felt rather lucky to be assigned to a private clinic as there was no queue at all. From the time of our arrival, the whole process took less than 40 minutes. My mum felt calm throughout the whole process which was systematic and quick. 


We would like to give credit to the vaccination team for doing a good job. Although previously many people experience hiccups while getting the vaccination, there are many improvements being made now. 


I would like to urge those who haven’t register for vaccination to register soon. If your parents or aunties, uncles don’t know how to register, kindly offer assistance to ensure they registered. This is a crucial move to turn the tide in our battle against the coronavirus. 




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