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#MyInternshipStory by KaiLun ep5: Honest First Impressions Of My Colleagues!



  April 15, 2021

… I tried to sweep this under the rug and avoid doing this for the longest time but now since I have no choice, might as well just go big or go home right?


So. Here goes nothing. My brutally honest impressions of my colleagues, coming from an intern working from home.



P.S. I appraise people in a snapshot, which is really quick. So my snap judgments are strong but misleading sometimes.


#1 Belinda


When I finally got to meet my supervisor from my laptop webcam, she seemed pretty approachable with quite a friendly demeanour. 


I say this because she was my recruiter who recruited me into working as a content writer intern here, and the whole process was conducted virtually thanks to MCO. Long story short, we go way back.


My impression of her amiability turned out to be accurate after working with her for 10 weeks up to this point of me writing this piece. 


#2 Sha 


At first, she seemed to me like she was a little bit distant from others.


But once I got to scratch the surface and know a little bit about her, or listen to her talk about animals, she was like a candle possessing a burning flame of passion towards animals- I had the feeling that she is likely a warm person.


Because people who like animals can't be bad people right? Here’s to hoping that we would get the chance to work together someday and get to know one another.


#3 Shu


“This person seemed warm, humble and a tad bit talkative,” I told myself.


Shu was there in my job interview. So technically, our first time meeting was when she asked the nervous me spontaneous questions that were not in my expectations. Luckily I managed to answer those. Phew.


As it turned out, she matched my initial impressions of her quite precisely, I would say. 


# 4 Louis 


He seemed to be very upbeat and likeable. And also a straightforward person. With nice hair. Who enjoys rock music or something.


Working with him has been quite pleasant. His decisiveness makes it fun to work with him. Because oftentimes he will just be like “Ok bro.” 


As for the other parts: his music preference and temperament, I have yet to find out. So maybe, for now, I’ll leave it at this: He is definitely a cool and laid-back person to hang out with.


# 5 Alvin


And finally- my boss. My initial impression of him was from my job interview as well- him, along with Belinda and Shu.


Something about his mannerisms seemed sensible and wise to me. The way he spoke, alongside his non-verbal cues, were genuine yet at the same time assertive.


Simply put, he has the typical boss aura surrounding him. Yet, sometimes he dishes out one-liners/ puns without failing to make everyone burst out laughing.

Hope the patient you who’ve successfully read up to this point enjoyed the tea I spilt. See you next time through my writings and if you’re a job seeker, don’t forget that we have a long list of opportunities waiting for you to tackle!

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