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#MyInternshipStory — Syafiq from ZOM-IN



  October 06, 2020

Intern’s Name: Syafiq

Internship Start Date: July 2020

Company: ZOM-IN

Department: IT


Securing an internship is difficult for IT students due to the increasing competition, the pandemic is only making it harder. In fact, some of my coursemates have to delay their graduation because they are yet to attend an internship. 


Luckily, I found ZOM-IN. During the MCO, they interviewed me via the video-call application. Eventually, they offered me an opportunity to fulfil my internship with them. I immediately accepted the offer because I foresaw that is a good opportunity for me to learn something new. 


ZOM-IN’s website is very new and it is built from scratch. Therefore, it provides me with many flexibilities to customise, modify and enhance its system and interface using my creativity and knowledge. It is really good exposure for me because I’m contributing my skills to develop a real platform, which is a rare experience for young and inexperienced fresh graduates like me. 


Besides strengthening my IT skills, I also get to polish my communication skills and English skill during this internship. Although we learn English in school since primary school, I was brought up in the settings of the East Coast, where most people conduct their daily activities using only the Malay language. In ZOM-IN, there is a custom where all employees take a turn to chair the weekly meeting. This practice, along with the encouragement from my colleagues, has helped me to improve my English speaking ability and my confidence level. 


Overall, I’m very satisfied with my internship experience in ZOM-IN because I have obtained many real-world knowledge and skills that I couldn’t get from books. I believe these experiences will help me in my career development. 


I highly recommend those who are looking for internship opportunities to sign up with ZOM-IN because it is a one-stop platform for internship seekers. There are more than 100 internship programs covering various industries and expertise for you to explore. Hope you secure an internship successfully! 


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