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#MyInternshipStory — Samiksha from ZOM-IN

Wong Shu Lee  


  October 13, 2020

Intern’s Name: Sha

Internship Start Date: September 2019

Company: ZOM-IN

Department: IT


Knowing that working in the IT industry is very competitive, I started to search for internships 4 months before my internship started. I sent out application emails to many IT companies but secured nothing because I couldn’t attend a face-to-face interview during that moment. My university is located in Kedah, but most of those companies are in Klang Valley. I was chasing deadlines to complete my final year project, it was impossible for me to travel outstation. 


One day, I got a call from ZOM-IN. I was very happy when they agreed to set the interview in July, during my semester break. During the interview, I understood that ZOM-IN was looking for a full-stack developer to create a website with a comprehensive system from scratch. It was like a match made in heaven because it’s exactly what I looking for—a challenging project that allows me to work independently. 


Therefore, I accepted the offer and started my adventure in the first city. 


At first, things were hard because I was the first and only team member that comes from the IT background. I had to understand my stakeholders’ requirements, then built the framework and presented it to them, gathered feedback, enhanced the framework and seek approval before I started to develop the website. 


It took me more than two months before I could really work on building the website. Besides, stakeholders (which are all of our team members) would spontaneously request me to add functions to the system—which required extra research and sometimes would interrupt my original plans. 


What helped me to break through all these challenges is the warm working environment in ZOM-IN. My colleagues are firm and professional when they’re executing the job but they are also very kind and understanding to one another. When they noticed I was stressed up, they would do things to loosen me up, such as sharing jokes or memes with me and taking me out for lunch to have some fun conversations. 


When I looked back, although there were times that I felt very stress, the overall internship experience with ZOM-IN was an enjoyable one. I got to sharpen my knowledge and programming skills, improved my communication skill, and learnt how to negotiate with stakeholders confidently. Most importantly, the website that I’ve built is being used for a good cause! 


Hence, when given the opportunity, I decided to stay with ZOM-IN to continue growing along with the company after my internship ended. Although the website is completed, I need to enhance and improve it from time to time. The neverending disrupt-and-reform process gives me new challenges every day, but now I don’t feel as stressful as before I know my colleagues are there for me when I’m struggling. 


For those who are going for internships soon, I hope you guys can strive for best outcomes when given any task during the internship. Seize every opportunity to contribute your knowledge, skills and creativity to add value to the company. Only by doing that, you will gain the most out of your internship. 


Wish everyone has a great internship experience! 


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