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#MyInternshipStory — Michael from TopNotch



  September 09, 2020

Intern’s Name: Michael

Internship Start Date: July 2020

Company: TopNotch HR Consulting Firm

Department: Finance


I like to plan things ahead. I had clear career goals to achieve, thus, I started my research to determine suitable places to fulfil my internship way before the actual time frame of internship searching. However, Covid-19 hit and it affected all my plans. 


I received my first interview invitation in March and the prime minister announced the commencing of MCO on the same night itself. For the following month, I applied for many companies but none reverted back to me. Until one day, my lecturer recommended ZOM-IN’s website to me and I decided to give it a try.  


They eventually set me up for an interview with TopNotch. Sometimes after the interview, I was informed that I was shortlisted. Although I didn’t intend to join the human resources industry, I decided to accept the offer because I believe there are always things that I could learn. Plus, it was really hard to secure an internship placement during MCO. I heard some of my coursemates have not gotten any offer until now. 


Now, I’m happy that I seized the opportunity because working with TopNotch has provided me with an eye-opening experience. Many finance terms that used to be simple words in textbooks have become meaningful when they involve in real scenarios. For the past two months, I’ve obtained a lot of unexpected experiences and knowledge, especially when I need to apply my knowledge to analyse data and present my interpretation in front of the team. 


To have a fruitful internship experience, there are some important points that I think we, as an intern, must keep in minds. 


First of all, we must be open-minded to new opportunities. The pandemic has caused many unexpected changes to businesses and the job market, things might not go exactly like how you wish them to be. Therefore, we must be flexible to accept and adapt to new changes. It’s also important not to be carried away by preconceptions. As long as you hold a positive mindset and attitude, you’re able to pick up skills and knowledge in any company. 


Although most of us are fulfilling our internship as a mandatory part of our university’s curriculum, we must embrace the opportunity and make it as meaningful as possible. See it as a platform to learn and prepare yourself before you step into the real career world. Let’s be more proactive to grab as much knowledge as you can to ensure a smooth transition into the working world. 


Hope you have a great internship experience! 


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