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#MyInternStory ft. Zhee Tian



  November 11, 2021

Intern’s Name: Zhee Tian

Internship Start Date: October 2021

Company: ZOM-IN

Department: Human Resources


Due to the pandemic, many businesses are not operating, which makes securing an internship placement extra challenging for us. Luckily I have secured mine through ZOM-IN, and it’s related to my study. 


For me, internship is a great opportunity to let students truly understand the working world. It is a real-life learning experience that offers practical work related to one’s field of study and career interest. Internships also provide students the chance to test their skills in real-life situations, explore their career options and gain an insight into an organization or career path. 


Personally, internship helps me to gain valuable work experience. During my internship, I have the opportunity to learn a lot of things that I couldn't learn in college and books. For example, I get to interact with job seekers, understand their concerns when searching for jobs. Besides, I also get to understand what stakeholders and employers are looking for when selecting candidates. 


Moreover, I also have the chance to take part in meetings and perform assigned tasks. The practical skills I gained from the internship will help to strengthen my resume. All these experiences and exposure are helpful for me to prepare for my future career development. 


I strongly recommend my peers to start their search earlier and apply for more companies, attend more interviews so that they can have a higher chance to secure an internship that is suitable to their goals. 


For those who already secured an internship, I would like to encourage them not to be afraid to ask questions during the internship. The biggest advantage of being an intern is you are allowed to ask questions. 


Don’t feel shy to ask your colleagues questions when you’re uncertain about how to solve a problem. Asking questions is better than making mistakes, especially when the mistakes are avoidable. 


Besides, let’s work hard and give your fullest at work, although it is just an internship. This will let you learn more and achieve more, so you can get the most out of your internship. 


Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your internship! 


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