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#MyInternStory ft. Hidayah



  November 05, 2021

Intern’s Name: Hidayah

Internship Start Date: October 2021

Company: ZOM-IN

Department: IT


Although it’s not difficult to secure an internship, it is also not easy to find an internship job that is truly suitable. 


For me, internship is a foretaste of how real-world work looks like. It is not a mere course requirement’s fulfillment. Internship works as a platform for students to develop key skills that cannot be obtained in the classroom and open their eyes to what actually happens in industries. 


The diverse tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities that we must handle are different when working for other people, which may contrast to what we have learned during college days. 


To experience an internship with the right company is priceless. In fact, there are so many things that cannot be taught only from a textbook. Given the practical hands-on really helps me to acknowledge how I am expected to execute my tasks within the company and prepare me for what to come in my future career. 


It is important to fulfill an internship in a company that is sincere to guide and empower the interns. If we are not given a fair chance to work like other employees or we’re not provided with proper guidance, the internship experience might not be helpful to us. 


I would like to encourage my peers to really seek internship jobs that could provide them with hands-on experiences and exposure to the real working world. Don’t be intimidated if the jobs required you to leave your hometown, grab it as long as it is a good opportunity. 


If you have worries about the finances, I truly recommend you to do preparation in advance. For instance, to save some money before your internship to fund your transportation or accommodation expenditures. Don’t let it become the roadblock that avoids you to pursue a good internship opportunity as it could be a booster when you kickstart your career in the near future. 


Nobody is born perfect. Continuous learning and practice; are the keys to how we can be better in what we do. During the internship, do not be afraid to take the first step. Reach out to your colleagues if you need help. Just do your best, give your best and trust the process!


Hope you have a good and happy internship experience! 


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