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#MyInternStory ft. Haziq



  November 18, 2021

Intern’s Name: Haziq

Internship Start Date: September 2021

Company: TopNotch HR Consulting Firm

Department: Human Resources


I have always been looking forward to participate in an internship because I know it would be a great opportunity for me to gain valuable experiences and industrial knowledge. 


Similar with many of my peers, I also faced challenges when searching for the internship placement during the pandemic. Many companies are reducing the workforce, thus are not hiring interns. I didn’t get any respond from companies that I applied for internship after I started my search for months. 


Fortunately, at the end I secured my internship placement with TopNotch through ZOM-IN. Moreover, the industry of the company relates directly to my education background. 


Although it’s a bit challenging in the beginning because we are required to work from home, I’m able to adapt quickly with the help and support from my coworkers. This internship experience means so much to me because I get to perform and apply the theories I learnt in the tasks assigned by coworkers. 


In this internship, I get to brush up my technical skills as I’m given opportunity to use the payroll system of the company. Besides, I am required to perform some of the job tasks using technologies like Microsoft Excel. 


One of the most precious things of attending an internship is that we are able to develop my soft skills such as problem-solving skills and communication skills. These skills are very important aspects for job seekers across all industries. 


For those students who are looking for an internship right now, you need to do some preparation before applying for an internship. For example, it will be helpful if you prepare a proper email message to send your internship application to companies that you’re interested to join. It is also important to do more research to find for organisations and companies that relate to what you’re studying so you can gain relevant experiences that can help you to achieve your future career goals. 


Ultimately, let’s be open-minded and brave to join a company, regardless its size and modal, as long as it can provide you the experiences and exposures that you want. 


Wish you good luck in finding a perfect internship opportunity! 


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