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#LocalBrandsSnapshot 06: Indie Stationery Stores

Wong Shu Lee  


  June 19, 2021

#LocalBrandsSnapshot is a column to introduce homegrown brands, labels, and entrepreneurs that are worth mentioning. Readers’ suggestions are welcomed. Write to us at admin@zom-in.com if you want to recommend your favorite homegrown brands. 


In conjunction with the Ballpoint Pen Day that falls on 10th June, we had all our team members show their handwriting last week. Since we’re on this topic, we’re going to introduce two boutique stationery shops that sell cute, unique, and artisanal stationeries. 




CzipLee first started out as a sundry shop in Kajang in 1968 by Peter Chen. Later, he saw the potential in selling stationery and books as demand was high from students and parents, and in 1973 he found a larger premise to move into. 


By early 2000, Peter decided to branch out to Bangsar. A new CzipLee store was thus formed which catered to a new segment, infused with new brands and ideas inspired by his two sons, Alvin and Jason. 


To differentiate from other ordinary stationery stores, CzipLee Bangsar features established brands in Japan and Europe. To name a few, they brought in brands like Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Midori, and Kokuyo to help CzipLee transition from a simple stationery store to a curated art supply store. 




Started in 2014, Stickerrific at Jaya One has been touted as a stationery lover’s Disneyland with its treasure trove of leather-bound journals, stickers, washi tapes, postcards, wax seals, ink in technicolour hues, calligraphy pens, calendars, and more. It was started by Szetoo Weiwen, 30, who runs the place with her 27-year-old sister Weishya.


From its humble beginnings as a shop selling stickers on Instagram, Stickerrific has eventually grown to cover 1,900 square feet that also includes a drinks-only cafe and space for workshops. It’s also the home of three adopted stray cats named Leia, Luke, and Chewie after those famous Star Wars characters. 


At the shop, customers can pick up stickers curated by Szetoo which also include their in-house stickers featuring Malaysian dishes and their three furry mascots. These are also available as postcards and pins. 


From stickers, they have also branched out to journalling, which Szetoo got into after her sister gifted her a Traveler’s Notebook for her birthday. When people saw Szetoo’s personal journal, many asked if they could buy it. Instead, she told them she’d teach them how to create their own which sparked off their workshops on scrapbooking. 


That idea to move into journalling gave a boost to their business and later on Szetoo also runs workshops on watercolour, calligraphy, and brush lettering. They also have guest workshop instructors to conduct classes for bookbinding, leather crafting, and other crafts. 




Beautiful stationery helps to unleash your creative potential. Besides, anything hand-written whether letters or invitations has the power to generate anticipation and excitement in a way that text messages, emails, and social media platforms just can't. 


It’s a pain that we can’t visit both of these stores now due to the pandemic. Fortunately, both CzipLee and Stickerrific are running their own online stores. If you need some healing sessions for yourself, let’s check out the beautiful stationeries on their websites! 


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