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#LocalBrandsSnapshot 05: Pet Cafes in Malaysia

Wong Shu Lee  


  June 07, 2021

#LocalBrandsSnapshot is a column to introduce homegrown brands, labels, and entrepreneurs that are worth mentioning. Readers’ suggestions are welcomed. Write to us at admin@zom-in.com if you want to recommend your favorite homegrown brands. 


Animal-friendly cafes may not be something new anymore, but today we would like to introduce these two particular pet cafes. 


Purradise Cat Cafe



Purradise Cat Cafe is a home to many rescued cats that you can play with in the special interactivity room. Besides giving a shelter to rescued cats, the cafe is ambitious to promote the healthy well-being of cats. 



They feed the cats a balanced raw diet which made from 100% natural high-quality protein from fresh chicken leg, with bone, liver & heart grinded in to the appropriate ratios for a nutritionally balanced meal. 


Apart from the food, the cafe is designed with places for them to hide away from people’s attention. If a cat is tired of human interaction, it will hide on its own to rest. 


Money earned from sales is channeled back into supporting cat rescue activities such as TNR (Trap, Neuter & Release), fostering & rehoming, etc.


Purradise Cat Cafe is also a place for people foster a love for cats and give more exposure to these rescued cats. Cat lovers can apply to adopt a cat from the cafe if they are ready to give a fury friend a home. 


Huskiss Cafe


Do you like Huskies? Huskies require sensitive treatment – because of their stubborn nature, time and patience are needed to nurture these energetic pets into loyal furkids. 


Huskiss is a pet café which opened in 2017 in Petaling Jaya. As the name suggests, the pets residing here are boisterous and adorable Siberian huskies, about half a dozen of them, together with a young Alaskan Malamute. 


Husky lovers can book time slots in advance to play with the dogs under supervision of the watchful staff. 



Although it’s referred to often as a pet café, they do not actually sell any food or drinks which is probably sensible for hygiene reasons and to prevent customers from feeding the dogs with inappropriate tidbits. They do sell some merchandise such as T-shirts bearing their cute logo.


These pet cafes are great places for pet-less animal enthusiasts to hangout with the furry friends and shower them with love and attention. 


Are you an animal enthusiast? Have you been to any pet cafe before? Share with us your experience! 


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