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#LocalBrandsSnapshot 03: Homegrown Media Production House

Wong Shu Lee  


  May 21, 2021

#LocalBrandsSnapshot is a column to introduce homegrown brands, labels and entrepreneurs that are worth mentioning. Readers’ suggestions are welcomed. Write to us at admin@zom-in.com if you want to recommend your favourite homegrown brands. 


Although Malaysian films are not attracting as many moviegoers as Hollywood productions, there are still a number of noteworthy films and production teams that worth mentioning. 




Let’s start with the one that many may hear of, JinnyboyTV. 


JinnyboyTV became an online sensation when the website first came out with its short comedic videos on YouTube circa 2012. 


The duo, Jinnyboy aka Jin Lim and his co-founder Reuben Kang has become a household name with 1.14 million subscribers to date. JinnyboyTV has consistently churned out entertaining and humorous videos such as Only in Malaysia and My Generasi since five years ago that reflects the way Malaysians think and behave. 


In 2017, they even released a 75-minute featured film, By My Side, with the help of Malaysian video portal Tonton. 


This is a short comedic video released by JinnyboyTV recently. 




Another online sensation that is gaining a lot of likes, especially among the Chinese community, is Dissy. Started in 2018, the channel has obtained 555 thousand subscribers and has garnered 117,199,650 views to date. 


What’s interesting about Dissy is it has created many viral catchphrases that have been circulated among the netizens. For example, “Bro, bu yao wan(不要玩)” means ‘don’t kid’. This phrase was highly quoted in many contents and has even being printed on T-shirts. 


The team often releases high-quality song remakes that modified to be relevant to current events. 


This is a song remake released during MCO 1.0. 


Wau Animation


Last but not least, we would like to mention Wau Animation Studios. Wau Animation Studios is a Malaysian animation studio founded on 18 March 2013. It focuses on producing and developing original animated programs for TV3 Malaysia, such as Ejen Ali. Ejen Ali was released as a cartoon series in 2016. In 2019, the studios released Ejen Ali: The Movie in cinemas. 


Ejen Ali: The Movie was Malaysia’s top-grossing local movie for 2019, and it raked in over RM30 million since its release. This puts the movie in the 3rd place of Malaysia’s best-selling local film after Munafik 2 and Hantu Kak Limah. 


Besides films and tv programs, the team also produces short videos in YouTube. 


A short clip released by Ejen Ali during Hari Raya. 


This weekend, let’s spend some time appreciating all these local works! Enjoy watching! 


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