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#EntreUMCOEdition 06 — Bake Instagrammable Confectionaries From Home ft. MyWeekendPlan



  June 01, 2020

What’s your weekend plan? Ever since the coronavirus started to spread, everyone has cancelled (or forced to cancel) their weekend getaways and TGIF parties. When the MCO took place, the distinctions between weekdays and weekends became ambiguous. We were all surprised by an unscheduled long weekend and our usual weekend plans are impractical. 


At first, people were making MCO related vines on TikTok. When the MCO prolonged, people started to worry about their career and thus started to take online courses or join webinars. Then, your social media suddenly flooded by photos of home-cooked foods and home-baked confectionaries by your friends and relatives. 


Suffering from FOMO, you wanted to pick up baking too. However, you don’t even know the differences between all-purpose flour and bread flour. Without understanding the science behind those steps, it’s almost impossible to turn a written recipe into a solid cake. 


Therefore, MyWeekendPlan decided to host online courses to help total beginners to produce instagrammable confectionaries. Once you signed up a course, MyWeekendPlan will provide you with a list of ingredients for you to purchase before the class starts. Alternatively, you can pay an additional fee for them to ship all the ingredients to you to save your trips to baking supply stores. 


Long queue at Bake With Yen when it first reopened during CMCO. 


When the class starts, you will be given a unique link to join the live class. During the class, you are allowed to ask questions by dropping comments.  Besides, you can share your results or problems in the closed group with other learners after the class ends. 


Are you an aspiring baker? Check-out these upcoming classes


Keep in mind that some of these classes teach more than one variation. This means you can fill up your Instagram with colourful results! 


Besides learning these classes by yourself, you can consider buying them as presents for your friends, family members or lover. After they learnt the techniques, you’ll get to enjoy these beautiful treats. Isn’t this the most worthy gift idea? 



#EntreUMCOEdition is a series of genuine stories of how our Entrepreneur Partners fought against challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown to sustain businesses.


These small enterprises and startups are not only striving for their profits, but their efforts are keeping the nation’s economy alive during the invasion of the deadly virus. Let’s spend a few minutes together to understand more about all these enterprises! 


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