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Most snacks sold in the market tend to contain high levels of sugar, sodium, or fat. For those who desire to keep a healthy diet, we have no choice but often have to let go of snacks.

But Geoffrey (Geoff) and Heywood had a different take on this. While on a vacation in Chalong, Phuket, the gym buffs were impressed with the healthy snack options there, from keto coffee to protein smoothies and milkshakes.

“Though we could order those healthy snacks from online stores, we often have to wait for weeks and pay for ridiculous shipping fees. So we thought, there has to be a convenient way of getting these healthy snacks and drinks back home,” shared Geoff.

Thus came the idea to found a vending machine business offering healthy and nutritional snacks, calling it myFITBOX.

Within 2 days, Geoff and Heywood drafted their marketing plans, including myFITBOX’s logo while on the flight home from Phuket. It was then a matter of contacting the food brands they liked, speaking to gym owners they knew, and of course, vending machine companies.

myFITBOX first gained traction in January 2020 at a gym, since its team already had connections in the fitness community. With its adoption rate growing, they began receiving inquiries from other sectors like shopping malls, international schools, and sports complexes.

While myFITBOX has varying agreements with the fees required to operate in different premises, the business mainly operates on a profit-sharing basis with the locations.

On top of providing accessibility to healthy snacks for customers, the profit-sharing model allows premises to make a secondary income to cover the machine’s costs.

The products sold in the vending machines are both locally made and internationally sourced. Customers can find both locally made and globally recognized brands such as Myprotein, Grenade, and Barebells inside myFITBOX’s vending machines. The duo noted that their vetting process for snacks is their favorite part of the job—taste testing everything.

New brands are discovered through their own shopping sprees, suggestions from customers, or brands reaching out to them for R&D purposes.

“What is of more importance to us is to taste test the products and to study the nutritional facts carefully. We deal with the authorized distributors or the manufacturers themselves to ensure that these are genuine products,” they explained.

If necessary, the team will even send the products for a lab test to confirm all the ingredients and nutritional facts are as stated.

Although the majority of myFITBOX’s machines are offline at the moment due to the pandemic, units in shopping malls are still operational as people are still going to supermarkets. Meanwhile, the business’s online sales via its website, Grab Mart, Shopee, and Lazada are currently helping it ride the waves of uncertainty amidst the MCO.

The team’s long term goal is to also produce a wide range of myFITBOX’s own products. It will best cater to those around the globe who appreciate healthier alternatives when it comes to snacks and drinks.

myFITBOX has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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