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Shifting one’s business online in the F&B industry has been necessary for many since the pandemic hit our shores. Those that weren’t able to do so have seen the closure of their outlets and whole businesses that have been built over the years.

Recognizing these struggles, kEATchen was launched as a cloud kitchen to help vendors navigate the backend systems of food deliveries. This is especially so for small-time street food vendors who mostly derive their livelihood from walk-in and dine-in customers.

kEATchen was founded by a group of 4 foodies, namely Martin Kim, Ivan Chan, Kong Kok Weng, and Faris Faridudin who were saddened to watch their favorite street food operators shutter stores as they struggled to stay afloat.

With the purpose to preserve their favorite street food and help these small food operators, they launched kEATchen in Ara Damansara as a place for these vendors to prepare their dishes and operate in a delivery-only model.

“We are determined a niche in helping street food vendors stay competitive in digital space while maintaining their authenticity and brand presence,” shared Martin Kim, the founder and CEO of kEATchen.

The vendors that kEATchen is looking to onboard consist of great street food operators big or small, including hawkers in kopitiams. Martin pointed that the vendors they’re looking to work with should fall under several criteria, which include having a historical menu connected to Malaysia’s unique staple foods, and being a family-operated business that has been handed down to the next generation.

kEATchen is on 13 platforms including self-developed platform and 3rd-party food delivery companies like GrabFood, foodpanda, EASI, and AirAsia food, and more, to offer its vendors’ food. This may be a good move for both kEATchen and its vendors, as it’s cheaper to outsource instead of hiring and maintaining extra manpower for a business, especially at its current scale.

Though cloud kitchens are available for entrepreneurs to start a new brand at a low cost, kEATchen is mostly a place for existing vendors to scale in a sustainable way. Since kEATchen’s development in July 2020, they managed to recruit 7 different vendors selling dimsum, chicken rice, nasi goreng, curry mee, ayam kicap, etc. before officially launching in May 2021.

Moving forward, kEATchen will focus on running promotions to onboard more F&B vendors. On a larger scale, the team hopes to collaborate with government agencies in providing affected street food operators with kEATchen’s services to ensure that vendors can digitally evolve their business. The kEATchen team will be looking at rapid expansion of their cloud kitchen in more strategic locations soon.

kEATchen has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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