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In the world of e-commerce, having an effective logistics system is crucial. A sound logistics system doesn’t only deliver products to the end-users on-time, but also make sure the brand and impression are well-presented at customers’ doorsteps.

However, delivery is not the core competency of businesses (except for logistics companies). Setting up a professional logistics team within the business obviously is not an option for most companies, as it involves expensive costs and it places a considerable liability on the company if the staff does something inappropriate or gets into an accident. Meanwhile, if a business chooses to sell its products on a third-party marketing platform that comes with delivery fulfilment, the costly delivery fees and marketing fees will wipe out all the profits in many cases.

Mohamad Hafiz, Sean and Jeevan are long-time friends. One day, when Jeevan shared about his unpleasant experience while sending flowers to his wife. “A lovely action that turned sour because of the bad delivery services,” he recalled. Hafiz, who has been delivering gaming sets to customers, understood the flaws of the existing logistics system.

“Traditional delivery agents are just not conditioned to do on-demand deliveries; they don’t have the effective mechanisms,” shared Hafiz.

The trio started to think of possibilities to improve the current system. In June 2016, they founded Zoom to provide a web-based platform for businesses to solve their last-mile delivery issues via a system that employs professional riders and in-depth integration within their clients’ business ecosystems.

With the past experiences in dispatching goods, Mohammad Hafiz has developed a series of training for the Zoomers. “We have prepared practical Bahasa Melayu and English classes to ensure our riders to communicate smoothly with the end-users. Besides, they must carry perfume and a comb in their pouch bag to show clients fresh and neat impressions,” shared Hafiz.

Once signed up with Zoom, clients can upload their bulk orders through API for instant delivery to end-users at pre-scheduled times. Zoom’s system will optimise all the requests to search for the quickest route delivery to help clients maximise their delivery cost savings.

Zoom has over 80 full-time Zoomers but also manages 300 registered freelance riders to fulfil clients’ orders. “We have over 200 clients registered on our platform, with 80 per cent of them using our services on a daily basis,” shared Sean. Zoom’s notable clients include BloomThis, Life Juice and Dahmakan, where the deliveries involve products that require extra care and must be served on time.

“On-demand deliveries are highly challenging. However, since more customers value convenience and would love to have the products delivered to their doorstep, we strive to be the best last-mile delivery partner for our clients.”

In its second year of operation, Zoom has won the “Startup of the Year” award at the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards. In 2018, Zoom successfully secured RM4 millions in a round of funding, with Gobi Partners as the lead investors.

With the raised funding, Zoom is strengthening its services in Klang Valley, at the same time preparing for its expansion to Penang and Johor Bahru. “We’re also seeking opportunities to open our services to the Indonesian and Thai market,” shared Sean.

Moving forward, Zoom also plans to provide while-label services for corporate clients that want to manage their logistics internally, but use Zoom’s system for the automation of grouping and assigning deliveries.

Zoom has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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