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Yore Productions

3D Animation Studio

Cover Story


Most of the students who are pursuing a diploma or Bachelor’s degree program will need to complete a Final Year Project (FYP) to obtain the attributions to graduate. It aims to demonstrate the skills and knowledge students have acquired in their studies.

Jin Yao Wong (JY) and Chee Kai Woon (CK), graduates of 3D Modelling & Animation from Multimedia University (MMU), not only completed their FYP, an animation project named The Cliff House perfectly but have gotten many recognitions as they submitted the project to multiple competitions.

The short animation received numerous international awards from the USA, Italy, India, Japan, and Spain. It also represented Malaysia in a few international screenings such as the Commonwealth Games. It has also gained many fans and supporters across social media platforms.

JY and CK thought it would be a waste if they discontinue the FYP group. Thus, they decided to register their group “Yore Productions” as a real animation studio on 27 June 2019.

Currently, the team is developing an original idol anime, Project Dreamcatcher!!, which will be the first original anime produced in Malaysia.

“It is a great concept. You can incorporate idols into your IP because it’s very versatile—you can turn them into ambassadors, you can do a lot of things. It started as a passion project because we just graduated last time and gradually, it snowballed into what you see today, thanks to support along the way and the professional input from the Japanese side of the industry.” CK, being a fan of idol anime himself, got the inspiration from a visit to Akihabara after graduating.

After a few years of development, CK’s idea was starting to take a more defined shape. JY revealed that “Malaysia has so many nice places but we shortlisted Penang or Melaka, which are very well-known to overseas tourists so that it will be much easier to market it. Through our study, many people are much more familiar with Penang. As for story-wise, it is centered around Penang but CK’s vision is that eventually, it will cover the whole of Malaysia—so we’ll slowly incorporate Melaka, Kelantan, and other states into the story as well.”

The story of Project Dreamcatcher!! features secondary school students forming various idol units, serving as something similar to that of co-curricular activities. The team will be releasing the MV on YouTube somewhere around early 2022.

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