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Vivahomes Realty

Property & Housing

Cover Story


Whether you’re sourcing for latest property projects, or looking at billboard advertisements, chances are you may have already heard of Vivahomes Realty. It has been one of Malaysia’s fastest growing Real Estate company. Looking at its current scale, you will never imagine how it began.

Alvin Foo, chairman of Vivahomes Realty, began his career as a Sales Executive. One day, when he lepak with a friend in Mamak stall, he was surprised at the amount of money the friend made as a Property Negotiator. “For people like us that didn’t have good education backgrounds and powerful connections, RM5000 was considered very appealing,” shared Alvin.

Driven by curiosity and his desire for bigger challenges, he started to venture into the real estate industry. In 2006, Alvin and his partners established Vivahomes Realty, guided by it’s philosophy to provide specific and tailored services to their clients.

“The beginning of our journey was not smooth at all. Our lack of experience in management has made us lose a lot of money. To gain trust from clients was not easy too. There were times when we thought we couldn’t make it through.”

Fortunately, they have a good support system. Their staff were very loyal to the company and were willing to give grace period for late payment to help the company to get through the darkest period. “Sometimes, I believe it were their faiths and sacrifices that motivated everyone to overcome challenges,” Alvin added.

Fast forward to today, Vivahomes Realty has become one of Malaysia’s most reputable real estate agency. Despite the Malaysian property market showing signs of bottoming out, Vivahomes Realty still experienced 200% growth in the past two years. Foo credits his team for believing in the company and performing exceptionally well to continually chart new possibilities without compromising standards of professionalism, trust and integrity.

In fact, one of the winning strategies of the team is to keep their agents and staff up-to-date with the latest market trends and requirements by providing both theoretical and practical training. Their in-house academy provides training ranging from beginner to expert level. The training never stops as there is always something new to learn. Alvin also engages with external trainers in other areas to ensure each staff is wholesome in their work quality and delivery.

Besides, the company encourages agents to attend external talks and classes to understand the market. For agents who want to take up a professional diploma in real estate and property, they can apply the company’s in-house scholarships too.

Despite its success, Vivahomes Realty continues to rebrand and reinvent itself to ensure its growth and further expansion in the real estate business. “Our goal is to be the best incubator of real estate professionals in Malaysia.”

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