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Waste Management

Cover Story


Growing up as a child of a waste collector, recycling and preserving the environment was ingrained into Redza’s childhood. Eventually, he grew up to be a supervisor in a waste management company.

Part of his job was to follow behind rubbish compactor trucks to ensure that waste is disposed of properly. This was to mitigate any complaints from residents if the trash is disposed of in a careless manner.

Once the waste was transported from bins to the truck, he noticed workers would sort them, looking for any plastic bottles or cans, which was plenty. The workers would recycle them every day, earning themselves some extra income.

However, the sortation at source was banned by the authorities because it was time-consuming. Thus, Redza started to find ways where waste could easily be collected for recycling and reused to manufacture new materials.

In 2018, he started Trash4Cash. Trash4Cash, as the name suggests, is an app that allows users to trade in their waste for money right from your doorstep. Customers are paid through the Trash4Cash app, where they have a clear view of how much they’ve earned from the recycling service. They can also use the app to request collections and check each item’s rates.

Operating a fleet of heavy vehicles is not cheap. Customers absorb 0 costs as Trash4Cash is a free service to them. Furthermore, customers are even paid for their recyclables—which means all demanding expenses fall solely on the business.

Redza also explained that every fleet (Pinky Hub) has 15 workers comprising waste collectors and administrative staff. Adding up petrol costs, the average operational outlay per month for a single Pinky Hub amounts to RM60,000.

To overcome the cost, they started looking for manufacturers that use recyclable waste as their raw materials for production. Then, they sort and pack the recyclables by adapting to their recyclable raw materials demand.

Thus, on top of collecting recyclables every other day, Trash4Cash is also a material feeder to industries that need recyclables for their production.

The fleets are currently operational in Klang Valley, Kedah, and Perlis. Items collected range from plastic, old newspapers, and clothing to construction and demolition debris, green (composting), and food waste.

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