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Whether you have ever used Tinder or not, you must have seen its signature swiping feature.

Quite similar to the casual dating scene, many employers continuously need to hire part-time staff, and there are a handful of youngsters who want to earn extra income during their free time.

Imagine when you needed some part-time helpers for a 3 hours event, but spent more than a week to source for the part-timers and interview them one-by-one. As for job seekers, you need to submit a unique cover letter and often need to create a specific CV for every job application. Don’t you wish the hiring process to be simpler, faster and more efficient?

Noticing the market gap for part-time job hunting, in May 2017, Lucas and TJ founded SlingApp, a job hunting version of Tinder. It enables hungry part-timers to hunt down the jobs easily, only by swiping left or right to reject or apply for a job nearby.

Once you have SlingApp installed on your phone, the app will push available jobs near your location, filtered by the preferred industries you’ve set. Just swipe to the right when you are interested in a particular job.

For employers who have high turnover jobs, SlingApp’s features can help you to find employees fast without expending too much effort. Employers can pre-select applicants based on a specific set of requirements, such as experience, education background, language, nationalities and more.

Besides, SlingApp provides an option for employers to set up 5 Auto-Interviu(AI) questions, which can help to obtain specific details from the applicants relating to the criteria of the job they’re applying.

The job applicants that match a particular job’s requirements, the SlingApp AI will interview the applicants instantly via the chat message function on the app. Then, the system will email the applicants’ profiles and answers to the employers immediately.

This AI feature speeds up the entire hiring process because it cuts down the need for job seekers to fill in unnecessary details. Furthermore, it helps employers to eliminate candidates that didn’t match the requirements and helps them to extract the relevant information.

Although they didn’t have an app for the employers yet, employers can access to the qualified applicant details via email instead of prompting them to log in to the system to view. This makes it convenient for employers to monitor the hiring process on the go.

SlingApp’s concept has gained traction from the market. Over two years, it has managed to get over 2000 employers, 50,000 job seekers onboard along with over 80,000 job matches. Currently, they don’t only have part-time job listings on the platform. Employers have started to advertise full time positions and internship opportunities on SlingApp! Job seekers can find a wide range of jobs from various industries, including F&B, retails, hotels, banks, e-commerce, telco, and more.

“Our goal is to be the fastest job-matching app in Malaysia and beyond.”

SlingApp has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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