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Purpose Built


Cover Story


10 years ago, the age of digital has begun to rise. Chong Jin saw the digital capabilities in building brands, engaging with consumers and disrupting industries. Thus, he decided to hop on the train to start his digital design agency.

Chong Jin with his partners started a digital and interactive studio under the branding of Decubic. Soon after that, he met a good joint venture opportunity with an established brand and design communication agency, Tamm + Kit in Toronto. With his team of designers and programmers, they joined the big team along with Genesis Spark, a strategic branding consultation firm in New York and rebranded as Purpose/Built.

Now, Chong Jin is the Chief Digital Officer of Purpose/Built and also the head of the Malaysia office. Over the years, he has successfully led a talented team of programmers, developers and designers in delivering creative digital solutions to clients across Asia and North America. The team in Malaysia is the main production house of the agency.

Currently, he is also developing a new office in Singapore that specializes in providing strategic brand advisory services.

Chong Jin is a humble and humorous man. He keeps his team over here very lean because he likes to work together seamlessly with all the members. Besides, he always hires fresh grads and interns because he appreciates the creativity in young minds.

"Passion creates interest, even on small thoughts.”


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